September 1st, 2003

Photo - leaves

well, i'm slowly getting more floor.

still trying to tidy up. so. much. stuff. where does it all come from? where? how can i have accumulated this much Stuff in 21 years?

oh, right...

anyway, whilst clearing out an old box full of junk/work from school - and after all, it's not like i need the pieces of artwork from year 3, is it? - i uncovered the Sixth Form Revue Sketch That Never Was! when it was our turn, salma and i suggested we'd write an x-files sketch to go in the revue - the plan was that it would be an ongoing theme, that recurred throughout the show - since nobody had ever done one before. alas, they gave us two days to produce the script, and we didn't finish it. but it shall live on! so here, i present:

Collapse )

i'm so, so sorry... on reflection, it wouldn't really have been that entertaining... but anyway, now you know what you missed. flame at will!