September 10th, 2003

Photo - leaves


just got back from pirates of the caribbean. it's frelling wonderful! 'arr!' is the new word of the month :)

jack sparrow reminded me horribly of spike, especially when bemoaning his incinerated rum ("but... where's all the rum gone?") and just, well, in general. the accent was very early-spike. geoffrey rush fabulous as always...

i think johnny depp is swiftly becoming one of my favourite actors. he scared me a little at first, but it was this and ed wood that proved he was capable of pretty much anything... so yes. we (as in me, last_dance and translucent) went back to the briar afterwards to drink rum. or, at least, rum cocktail...

also, herringprincess wasn't lying - there is an extra scene after the credits! woot!

but yes. that's it, i think. although i'm sure there was something else i was going to say... oh, probably just that it looks like the breakfast at tiffany's/sunset boulevard crossover is going to happen. basically, the premise is that norma makes joe leave (it's obviously not set in the actual sunset timeline since he's not dead) for his own good, and he goes to new york, and becomes paul varjak, and then it's breakfast at tiffany's until the end, and then holly goes back to doc and he settles for second best with The Woman (i'll learn her name at some point) - and then there's a happy ending. also a sad ending. there'll be two endings, since they're both good and i can't decide.

and it's all jenny's fault, so she's helping. gah.

ah! that was it. random train of thought; blame the rum. (arr!) the buffypotternetdiscscape is now the buffypotternetpriscilladiscscape, since it has been decided (by me, at random, on the bus, causing me to giggle all the way into town) that the cast of priscilla will turn up on sunnydale main highway, because mitzi has driven into the orange swirly thing. lines for this include:

(felicia) "bloody hell, mitzi, didn't i tell you not to drive into that thing? now we're in the back end of nowhere."

(buffy) "sunnydale, actually, and you're just in time for an apocalypse..."

and they do their act for lorne and make his brain explode from all the sexual tension. :)

tha'ts it...