September 13th, 2003

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i'm so predictable.

oy. more money spent today. stuff for presents, mostly, and some very cool things for hallowe'en. and a lovely print of manhattan that's too big to fit on any of my walls...

i'm also beginning to think that maybe i shouldn't have put the little mermaid poster on my wardrobe (i'm trying to fill blank space, basically) because once you spot that phallic symbol, it doesn't go away. ;)

nothing much else, really. my life's so interesting. still debating whether or not to tell my father about the new tattoo, since i got the 3rd degree (in small sections over a large period of time) when i didn't tell him last time and he spotted it. my grandmother'll only forget anyway, so there's really no point. unless one of them touches my right shoulder and i scream, of course, and then i may have to confess...