September 17th, 2003

Photo - leaves

i'm a greebo in training. kill me.

yes, enter the greebo lady. i finally started modifying the pair of jeans i never wear any more with bits of fur and velvet and corduroy and lace. including big triangular inserts. they should look very cool when they're done, though ;) will take a photo.

saw pirates of the caribbean again today; it gets funnier the second time.

i'm having lots of trouble coming up with a halloween costume. i don't have time to make the sally-the-ragdoll outfit i was meant to be making, what with going back to uni on the 20th, and i'm down to two last resorts (which i won't tell you in case i end up using one of them) - and so, i need suggestions. movie theme. you'd think i'd be able to come up with something...

bear in mind i will only have my own wardrobe, and charity shops at my disposal, even though there are five costume shops in derby - i will only go there if a wig is required, which is very likely.

help! give me suggestions!

and, yes, i already went through all the tim burton movies, and everything winona ryder's been in. ;)
Photo - leaves


they're done! and it wasn't as hideous as i was expecting; the worst bit was trying to stop the velvet stretching while sewing it (bloody cheap velvet...) and actually putting the inserts into the jeans once i'd patched them together...

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i'd forgotten how much fun it was making things! :) and since i've proven that i can patchwork using pretty much anything, i know the plan i had for the sally-outfit would have worked. except now i have no time to do it, no fabric, and no sewing machine at uni, so i'll definitely have to think of something else.

i'm very proud of myself. i didn't break the sewing maching, and i remembered how it threaded and how to re-thread the bobbin and everything. :)

and! on top of that, i managed to cook a chicken, and it was edible. and if you know how much i hate raw meat, you'll realise what an achievement it was...