September 18th, 2003

Photo - leaves

meme. once more.

i was trawling random journals (literally) trying to find something for u_make_lj_suck, just to prove my existence there, and in the end i gave up and started playing with the new style system (it doesn't let you have backgrounds. feh.) but i do vaguely recall spotting this on someone's journal, and since i'm bored, i shall do it myself...

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and, yes, this was pointless... but i get easily bored.

back at uni on saturday, and i'm only in 3 days a week the first semester, plus independent study tutorials. my tasks for when i get back are:

~ attempt to sell the doing-my-dissertation-on-fanfiction idea to dave ellis. failing that, seeing if he'll let me do phantom and its various adaptations, which i believe will be diana's area of expertise. i'm willing to do either. i'd love to do sunset, but the research involved would be hellish, and i can always do what i want to do for that in my spare time when i've graduated, and anyway, phantom is everywhere and there's probably quite a bit about it...
~ spend my entire year in the career's library looking panicked.
~ find a job nearer to halls, preferably city centre, even though i didn't technically leave the coopers arms. i love working there, but it's just too far away.
~ figure out how much money i need to see the fifteen million things that are now/will be showing at the hippodrome and the alex. i don't recall where each was, but the list was something like:

- cats (which is already booked anyway)
- chicago in december
- derek acorah (living tv's psychic medium. i just want to meet him. it must be fascinating.)
- whistle down the wind, which is either another tour, or the same one going around again... i shall presume the cast is different, seeing as the girl playinh swallow is now janet in rocky horror
- rocky horror in derby, in november (or so i've heard)
- grease in march, i think.
- the play what i wrote, which has a special mystery star guest at the end of every show. my inner celebrity whore can't resist.
- taboo (the boy george musical)
- jim davidson's sinderella (original london cast.)
- apparently, the vagina monologues, which i want to see anyway, is currently starring, or will be starring, gillian anderson, at the wolverhampton grand. although i don't know if it's true or not. my dad mentioned that he saw her on the poster and wondered what the hell it was (uncultured. bah.) but i have yet to actually check. wouldn't it rock to stage-door-stalk agent scully? huh?

and probably millions of other things, too. gah.

so, yeah. definitely needing a job, preferably at more than £4.20 an hour. why is the sodding figure of eight hiring now, huh? *mutters*