September 26th, 2003

Photo - leaves


okay. so you might have noticed my absence lately. blame the network. there isn't one. the internet is down, having worked sporadically on saturday and first thing sunday morning, before dying a death, and they're still (apparently...) fixing it...

hence, my friends list is enormous, and i cannot be arsed to read through it all.

anyway, have some randomness:

~ new room is fine, if warm, but i won't complain since i spent most of last year being cold.

~ flatmates seem pleasant enough

~ enrollment is a pain in the eema, but was otherwise painless this year.

~ the creative writing course leader is a sadist - a core module, at 9am monday morning.

~ saw nosferatu with naomi this evening at symphony hall; it wasn't as good as the phantom showing last year, but was interesting nonetheless...

~ my computer has 56GB and a new sound card. i am pleased.

~ i finally managed to catch the first episode of - you guessed it - band of brothers. except i missed the first half an hour, and i now suspect that jeremy may be in the second one (seeing as they don't get to england til halfway through the first episode, and the british army-type personage definitely wasn't him, unless i just wasn't paying attention, which i doubt very much) and it doesn't appear to be on in the near future. bloody hell.

however, i shall prevail! i mean, this is frelling ridiculous! how can stalking him be easier than trying to find his last known television performance?* even if i have to get someone to buy me the sodding box set. i mean, i do want to watch the rest of them anyway, honest... *innocent smile*

i think that's about it...

so, yes, apologies for absence. i will read through everything as soon as the network's back up...

* he was also in an episode of pirates, apparently, although i have no idea which one. maybe with the current pirate-mania, cbbc will deign to repeat them... then i'll discover he's man-in-a-sack or something. :P