October 3rd, 2003

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still netless. i'm procrastinating; i actually came in today to get all of the stuff for critical theory off UDEL (various articles and things on the library network) so i can print them off later. i'm also going to check the careers website to see if there's any part time work on offer on there.

of the six applications/CVs i handed in, only one of them deigned to get back to me, and i didn't get that one. so i'm doing another search, and if that fails, i'll throw myself back on clive's mercy and beg for my old job back. (i didn't technically get fired, nor did i officially resign; i just said i was looking for something nearer to home. oh, it'll be hideous...)

anyway, yes, procrastinating. and trying to sort out the bloody fic issue with eve since it's blown up out of proportion thanks to my own idiocy. remind me not to let my personal issues interfere with everyone else's lives, won't you?

(i am blessed enough to have found an empty computer lab that also has flatscreen monitors and zip drives on all the systems; i am, however, constantly paranoid that someone will come in and kick me out...)

anyway. you may recall a while ago i was crossing-over 'farscape' with pretty much everything; one of the ideas-that-never-was was "the wizard of the u.t", which flatline2010 was supposed to write. hence, last_dance and i made him pictures (or rather, i found the originals and she did her photoshop magic act and turned them into the farscape cast...) and last night, being internetless and bored out of my head, i put them all into a composite or two, then turned them into desktop themes (although i think i need some kind of special programme to do so properly, since it's refusing to save back the screensavers or the actual desktop photos. my computer is also refusing to actually show any screensaver i set, for some reason.)

anyway. they were too big for villagephotos, but i put them into a webpage, here, for your viewing pleasure...

i think that's everything. oh, except that i just spent three days watching all three serieses of "jonathan creek" (the last one doesn't count) and the first christmas special. the only trouble is, i'm seeing fluffiness that isn't there (well, mostly; sometimes it's ridiculously fluffy), giggling mindlessly every time jonathan and maddy argue about something, and, to top that off, i appear to have inherited naomi's bloody slashbeast...

and i realise how much the jonathan/carla relationship/whateverthatwas didn't even compare to the wonderfulness of jonathan and maddy; david renwick was crazy to ever think that anyone could compare to caroline quentin, to be honest. the entire basis of the show was their chemistry!

but i think what definitely annoyed me most was the fact that she just vanished into midair without even a mention of where she was, or that she'd ever even existed. which seems rather implausible, considering that she turned jonathan's life upside down from the word go.

ugh. silly british programmers and their lack of respect for their fans...

anyway, it has led to my wanting to attempt j/m fluffangst fic, which is never a good thing. the last one i tried is still awaiting typing up because i keep cringing at it - they're not the easiest characters to actually characterise, oddly enough, and i'll be damned if i can even attempt to psychoanalyse them. the only recognisable expression for jonathan tends to be 'smug bastard' (which is adorable, incidentally) or general irritation, and his 'irritating crinkled look'. maddy's even tricker, being the queen of emotional barriers.

oh, i'll figure it out. i have an idea brewing, but it may require actually writing about carla, which means i'll have to re-watch "satan's chimney"... but at least maddy was - my god! - mentioned in that one...

end rant. job hunting, ho.