October 6th, 2003

Photo - leaves

bloody hell...

we still have no internet, as you may have gathered from my weekend absence. and villagephotos refuses to upload my picture because it's 70KB too big, and i can't even edit it here because these computers don't like jpgs.

i'm getting just slightly irate. i am beginning to be of the general impression that they're not fixing the network at all, but are merely saying that they are in order to shut us up. this is most irritating. and it wouldn't be quite as irritating had my television not blown up on saturday night, which in itself would not be that irritating (i do, after all, have a birthday coming up) if i hadn't been doing work/reading/notes all day and finally sat down to watch brainless programming at seven o'clock, when the damn thing popped and died.

and that wouldn't be too bad, if i had internet access.

in a word, grr.

on the plus side, i have (re)discovered classic fm, having nothing better to do with my time than attempt to programme my radio before realising i need a radio times to do so, and found it to be Muse-food of the highest degree. hurrah!

anyway, the thing i was going to upload was, in fact, something i did last night whilst very bored. when we got our first computer (with a grand total of 8MB HDD and windows 3.1; this was back in 1995), it came with Much Software, including a rather wonderful programme called "fine artist", which provided many hours of pointless entertainment. it still works (better, in fact) with windows '98 and 56GB HDD, which is always fun, and when combined with the screencapping ability and photoshop, you can have lots of silly fun with it.

hence, using its comic-strip-making function, i made a very silly pirates of the caribbean cartoon, with no actual drawn characters and very little plot. you can see it. eventually. i'm just whetting your appetite for it...

anyway. i also started another jonathan creek fic, despite vehemently telling my Muses to shut the hell up. they never listen; i hope to god i don't obtain a jonathanMuse - the wussy spikeMuse is bad enough. but yes, the fic. lorna's probably the only one qualified to give it any feedback, so i'll put it under a cut. (the theory being that lorna ranted about series four about as much as i did, and probably for mostly the same reasons.) so here's the first bit. more coming if anyone replies, and if not, i'll keep it to myself... :P

ordinarily, i would fully justify everything, but this keyboard is awful, and i'm also using the online updatey thing rather than the windows interface (wantinternetbackNOW!!!) so i'll just do the other formatting. that'll take me long enough. be grateful. :P

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next is a flashback bit to what happened after that awards ceremony (final episode of series 3) and jonathan brooding a little more, then the entire premise (my god!) of the fic actually turns up. i'm not promising it's a good premise, but it's something, and it suits my angst-ridden cause.

none of you care, do you? :)

right, i'll be signing off, now. probably check again tomorrow.

oh! one other thing. am seeing rocky again on october 15th with a friend from my course - it's her first time *evil grin* and we're in the second row *eviller grin*. and i have no costume. bugger.

charity shops, ho!