October 8th, 2003

Photo - leaves


net status: still non-existent.

although i did see a bloke with something circuit-board-looking in the office yesterday, so that's something.

television coming on thursday - going to try plugging the DVD player into the scart socket of the video (since it'll be the crappy-ass old TV from when i was about 10 and doesn't have a scart socket) and if that doesn't work, off to comet to buy a new one. oy...

just about to attempt a new LJ layout, but seeing as this isn't my computer and i can't edit the image at all (hopefully it'll work, though, since i think i did most of the work for it last night) it probably won't work in the slightest. (also the worst thing about reinstalling everything is i forget how much bloody everything i have. once all the hardware's done - printer, scanner, two different cameras - and the usual software - office, works, fine artist, photoshop/imageready, camera software, scanner software, corel printhouse, etc, etc, - there's all the stuff i need to download and can't - AIM, MSN, YIM, the LJ client, copernic, about 15 different fonts i'd forgotten i'd downloaded - AND my entire sodding favourites list...)

remind me to backup everything next time...

anyway, if the journal looks weird for a few seconds if you happen to look at it, blame the fact that i haven't tried to do a layout for months, and i've only got random scrawled numbers to aid me in my entry-positioning. gah. anyway, it's come about because i got bored and watched edward scissorhands last night, complete with tim burton commentary (he giggles; it's adorable. also, johnny depp threw up twice in filming, and at least 20% of the scars on his face were actually real...) and during the edward/kim "hold me" moment, i whimpered, and immediately decreed it would be a layout...

that is, assuming it works. anyway, i'll go upload the picture, if it'll let me... it did. but it still won't let me do the bloody PotC comic strip... bloody HELL...

okay, here i go to do the layout. much jubilation will hopefully follow once it's done.
Photo - leaves



which, um, sort of worked, but needs tweaking. however, i am cold, so will do more tomorrow, probably.

(naturally, it's only 1024x768 compatible. what, you think i'm going to go to that much effort? :P)

need another icon - suggestions?