October 14th, 2003

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well, if frightened is crazy, i must be, too, because that really does sound like a frelling fantastic idea...

anyone willing to do it, too? i'll do it if someone else does...

(just the thought of having a random word tattooed on me somewhere. it rocks.)

i was reminded of this today in critical theory, since it's about as post-modern as they come... although to explain exactly how would probably take too long, and my brain has shut off from post-modernism for the moment... learning about post-modernism is post-modern. and i, by wearing a t-shirt with betty boop on the front, am kitsch. how drad is that?

note to self: stop channelling chiana.

have made appointment with dave, who is apparently brave enough to tackle being my tutor for the topic of fanfiction in my independent studies, and it's on thursday. i wonder if i get any bonus points for coming in a) on my day off and b) on my birthday...?

and with that not-so-subtle hint ;) i shall leave you... need to buy loo roll and tissues and am starving. odds are i'll be here another hour...