October 29th, 2003

Photo - leaves


well, i'm assuming the brottman lecture is cancelled since there's a note on his office door saying he's away all week, even though there's nothing on the heap lecture theatre door. i'm five minutes late now, anyway...

i came in, anyway, intent to do research and such in the library, but it was so full of random people i couldn't cope, so i'm in the computer labs, once more.

and, once more, i have forgotten my disc with a) the picture of my wall and b) the thing i want to put on peevish on it. grr.

i still have a cold. whyyyy do i always have a cold when it's time for one of lloyd's parties? maybe my body is trying to tell me something.

anyway. such was the pointlessness of my day, and while i could kill time here on fanfic.net (research! honest!) to avoid the fire alarm test at 2.00ish, i don't think i'm in the mood. also, do you know how weird it is reading fic in a public computer lab? you have to be quiet. crazy!

i should probably post an apology for the delay on sweet intoxication, mind you. although... nah, they'll survive. it wasn't like the cliffhanger was that evil... ;)