November 7th, 2003

Photo - leaves

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got the hallowe'en photos, but i'm debating whether it's actually worth putting them online since they're not really that interesting. unless lots of you want to see them, of course, in which case, i suppose i'll have to...

anyway, here's a journal entry done at some point on wednesday night (i knew there was something i logged on for. don't you just hate brainfreeze?)

Subject: wow. i can almost draw.
Current Mood: artistic
Current Music: something bangy coming from the floor below.

so, i had an image in my head again. and i was too lazy to try and turn it into pretty words, and i knew that it would inevitably turn into an epic if i tried to put it in something, so i decided to try and draw it instead. this... wasn't such a good plan, since a) i never claimed to be able to draw, at least since i was about 14, and b) it takes frelling ages, which is why i tend to fall back on trying to write things, because it's generally quicker...

anyway, the image, for some reason, was of erik and christine (although it works with any of my ships, really) standing on the deck of a ship. i think, in fact, i fear, it may have been inspired by titanic whilst watching the film 2003 poll. argh. anyway, i did try to draw it, and Collapse )

so, feedback on my lack of artistic ability, please? even if it's just to tell me never to touch a pencil ever again? :)

so, that was that. i'd backdate it, but i can't be arsed. just uploaded chapter 10 of sweet intoxication at long last, so with any luck i'll have several reviews come monday (assuming everyone's awake...), did something resembling work by checking the guardian website for articles on david blaine for the coursework that, hopefully, will happen, and... that's about it. going to get some oats and sugar later to make biscuits for the hell of it...

i'm also very tempted to try the meringue (can't bloody spell that) recipe that was on ready steady cook last night - 9oz icing sugar, and one medium egg white, mix into a paste, and nuke in the microwave on full power for one minute. i think even i can manage that... :)

so... yeah. finally also brought the picture of my poster, so will go and add that to the entry, if anyone's interested. which you're not. but it's annoying me.