November 12th, 2003

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a subdued rant, but a rant, nonetheless.

we still have no internet access. this is a given of the semester, i feel. i get the distinct impression it will continue to be a given for next semester and possibly the semester afterwards, but, then again, they may prove me wrong.

anyway. i present, for your reading pleasure, Reasons Why Having No Internet Access Sucks...

Reason the First
well, for starters, most of my life is constituted of what i do online: email, messengers, and fanfiction, to name but a few. hence, doing all of the following on average twice every week, and in a public place where people being in the immediate vicinity make me twitch uncomfortably, is a Bad Thing.

Reason the Second
i haven't 'spoken' to anyone for what feels like absolutely ages. this includes people i could just as easily telephone, obviously, but for some reason it's not the same... but it also includes people i don't even see that often (sweet, eve, etc.) and i miss having 1am angst sessions and manic conversations about monkeys...

Reason the Third
naomi and i are meant to be writing a crossover, which was planned almost a year ago on a whim, and which i have been looking forward to writing for bloody ages. it is impossible to write a sodding fanfic when you can't communicate with the person you're writing it with and bounce ideas around on MSN. similarly, i'm meant to writing a crossover with jenny-in-georgia, and i can only speak to her online.

Reason the Fourth
it is incredibly inconvenient having to remember to carry a zip disc around with me whenever i'm going to check my emails, just in case there's something i need to download. it is incredibly inconvenient having to remember to put certain things onto said zip disc in case i want to upload something. it is incredibly inconvenient having to take pictures back and forth between university and my own computer if i'm trying to make a layout for something. you get the idea.

Reason the Fifth
having reinstalled my computer again, i have practically nothing on it. i have the very basic windows version of MSN messenger, which i only set up so i'd know if the computer was connecting or not (obviously, it's not), but have yet to download YIM, AIM, the livejournal windows client, copernic, etc., etc., etc.. my desktop is bare. i am also missing the farscape and buffy fonts, which is incredibly irritating.

Reason the Sixth
i'm getting a dot com at christmas. i already fear that i won't even be able to create the site if the FTP uploader won't connect over the network, short of having to email them and beg for a port number that works, but that's if we even get the bloody network back.

Reason the Seventh
every single one of my modules this year is based in some part online. which, ordinarily, in the comfort of my own room on my own computer, i would not be so annoyed about. but having to find online resources in the library is very, very annoying, since i always forget what i'm meant to be looking for, or the disc to save it back to, or can't get to a bloody computer in order to find said resources...

Reason the Eighth
my independent studies being in fanfiction, and fanfiction being a predominantly, if not entirely, internet-based phenomenon, i would rather search the endless ream of buffy fics for a couple to compare/contrast in the middle of the night when i have nothing better to do, than on a computer in a room full of people staring over my shoulder... and also on the fanfiction issue, any uploading i do myself is delayed by at least 24 hours by the time i've got the disc to uni and put it on the site, which means that i can't even play on when the 'peak' times are for uploading so it doesn't get buried in seconds...

Reason the Ninth
checking my friends list is really annoying. it's bad enough getting the curious glances when people spot the edward scissorhands-emblazoned screen, but the various community posts take up lots of space to the degree that i have not only stopped posting in them, but stopped even checking them until i have enough time to do so at my leisure.

Reason the Tenth
my new academic year's resolution was to read every single livejournal friends entry and reply to it in some form, and to always be listening to something so it made my life look at least slightly more interesting. which, obviously, isn't happening...

Reason the Eleventh
i can't do livejournal angsts in the middle of the night. which i suppose on some level is a good thing, but still...

Reason the Twelfth
the lack of internet access has inadvertently been the reason for my resigning as a beta-reader, even though that was mostly my own fault for being a moron.

Reason the Thirteenth
i have no idea what's going on in most of your lives, especially naomi's, because i get most of such information from messenger conversations...

Reason the Fourteenth
YIM pictionary...

Reason the Fifteenth
i can't read fanfic in a public computer lab! it's Wrong!

i'm sure there are many more, and i could keep going forever on this, but you get my drift. jesus, how do people live without the internet? more to the point, how do people live without their own computer and printer? take my PC away for a month and i start going stir crazy...

although i guess those sorts of people have what are generally constituted as 'lives'...

and! as if the internet being down was irritating enough, not only is david brottman in hospital (which is actually good because we can use our own resources instead of the 8 specific ones he'd set for the coursework) but dave ellis - course leader and my independent studies tutor - is off until at least the 20th november, and the proposal deadline is the 21st.

GAH. in a word.

anyway. on the plus side of things, i finally managed to turn some of the orphan eyes screenplay into prose, which i just sent to eve and sweet in its entirety (what there is of it) for opinions... but here's the decidedly bizarre opening sequence (it's only short) for your reading pleasure. this one is shaping up to be a novel i may actually finish...

comments would be appreciated, but i know you won't bother. i sound like a comments-whore, but i just don't care.

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that's the opening. i'm not sure if it's trying to be first person or second person, or what, but it seems to work. the bulk of the novel is in your usual third person prose, although it's going to leap around between the main time it's set, flashbacks, and flashforwards, for each of the characters, at random intervals (all very post-modern, dahlink) and possibly i'll bring that ^ style back at some point.

but yeah. i don't know why i bother.