November 21st, 2003

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[ADDENDUM 25/11/03: i realise i never explained who any of these people are or really 'introduced' any of my flatmates this year: there are six of us: me, becky, jemma, vicky, charlotte and lydia. becky does art (mainly photography), jemma law, vicky biology, and charlotte and lydia both illustration. we hardly ever see the latter two, but the other four of us tend to invade each other's rooms and leave all our doors open. it makes a change not to be the hideously antisocial one this year. ;). so, yes. anyway. becky is very easily scared (always fun), and vicky is like me only worse, being completely in love with steve from ex-band 3SL (the brothers of lisa scott-lee from steps) and stalking him around the country in a way i would admire if it wasn't so terrifying. but yes, we tend to compare stalkage stories and spent last night inflicting music on each other. it's all great fun...]

we decorated our flat for christmas last night. for anyone who complains that it's too early: the christmas lights are on in derby, and it's only a month til we break up, so if we decorate any later there'll be no time to appreciate it.

so, our flat corridor now has:
~ a christmas tree, decorated with little plastic ornaments and chocolate things, packing ribbon in lieu of tinsel, white lights, and a paper star on the top. near it is a sign with the words: "ATTENTION FLAT: chocolates are not to be eaten until december 12th!" - the date of our 'party'.
~ more packing ribbon, strung along the wall in the manner of a paper chain. along the same wall are various clipart christmassy pictures (including a rather sunburnt reindeer where my printer screwed up.)
~ a banner, over the door. one end is signed by me and vicky, who spent most of the creative process sitting on my bed while i shouted at my printer. the other end bemoans the time it took and the 15 sheets of paper i wasted trying to get it to work... (i'll take some pictures when the batteries have recharged.)

so it all looks very festive. meanwhile, my room and vicky's room are both decorated with sparkly lights, as is becky's, so when all of our doors are open it looks very pretty indeed.

in other news, becky is covering her entire room and its contents in tin foil, all in the name of art, and we have been roped in to help. so i spent much of wednesday night covering her notice board and its various notices with the stuff. joy...

we are waiting for the muffled "help..." when she finally manages to foil herself inside entirely.

it was rather pleasant yesterday. vicky and i went to sainsbury's and then to the pub, and decreed that we should go on the ghost walk and go to alton towers, at some point. the only annoying thing is that this year, i've finally found a group of people i can bear to live with another year, and i'm leaving. bah. ah, well...

i need to write to alison. i also need to make christmas cards, but i can't do that until the 4th anyway. i have no idea what to do for presents. fic requests, anyone? (except naomi, because i know what i'm doing for you, assuming i can get the appropriate materials.)

my independent studies proposal has been handed in, finally. i'm not holding out hope of dave ellis being back yet, and i refuse to talk to sam about it, because he's apparently not helpful in the slightest. wow, this year's full of lovely illness, isn't it?

and, finally, i think we may soon have the internet back. i went to the office on wednesday to ask when it might be back, and the computing services bloke who'd just walked in spoke some networking technobabble at me of which i understood about 25% (whilst nodding knowingly) and told me to phone him the next morning if my computer was still throwing up "IP conflict" errors. which it was, so i did: apparently, some people managed to hack around the firewall (i think) to get onto the internet, by changing their IP address, but when they do that it creates a conflict with anyone who already has that address, and the entire system collapses. but i managed to make my computer find a new one (despite his vehement "oh, great..." when i told him i still had windows '98...)

but anyway, it's now immediately acknowledging that i have no connection instead of taking five minutes to do so, so that's an improvement, at least...

and that's it, i think. i was going to try and create an interesting red-spotted headscarfish thing to wear at work, seeing as it's comic relief, but i don't think i can be bothered... i'll see if i've got my old pudsey bear badge anywhere.

going now...