November 28th, 2003

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singing and christmas and coursework, oh my!

in reverse order of subject...

was finished on wednesday night, to a satisfying degree - in that it is, at least, in english, and has enough pretentious commas to make it look better than it actually is. i hope. but i'm very proud of myself for managing to write in monday night's mad post-modern moment in eastenders, especially after arguing that soaps were essentially realist narratives. anyway, yes, it's finished... next up is the phantom adaptations one for contexts, which should be fun to do; the only bad thing is having to refrain from ranting...

i'm just off to town (once i've updated) to get the card to make my christmas cards. the rubber stamps have been found, in a carrier bag containing the felt i was using umpteen years ago to make scifinutter an ash-from-pokémon-shaped voodoo doll, which i never finished. because that's a really logical place to put rubber stamps when you have a box full of them somewhere else. yes. so, anyway, that'll be done in a moment.

associated with christmas - i'm roped into the uni student-staff choir again, whereby we stand in the atrium and lead the audience and do a couple of performance pieces. and since this time it's not being led by terrified-of-solos david hodges, i actually got to volunteer for the solo. y'know, one day i'll learn to control that. it's like an automatic reflex. someone says "oh, there's a solo, would anyone like-" my hand goes up before i know what i'm doing.

on the plus side, it puts me in good favour with the conductor lady, who then had me singing the tune over the top of everyone else's harmonies (which was just as well, because they were too low for me. :P) and kept grinning at me. i'm such an attention-seeker.

so, yeah, assuming the solo remains mine, and anyone wants to come and hear me warble in a ben de'ath-like manner, the concert is on tuesday 9th december at the university, 5.00-6.30ish (i think) and it's your common-or-garden carol service type thing, with the added bonus of people banging in and out of lectures.

oh, god... remind me why i'm doing the solo again?

but yes. hopefully i'll be able to convince most of the flat to come. becky has been complaining that she still hasn't heard me singing, so here's her chance. :)

the pantsfic got recced! look! - with thanks to sweeterthing for telling me about it. that thing is going to haunt me until i die. i can see the gravestone now; under the epitaph, it'll read, in tiny letters, "oh, and she co-wrote the pantsfic." with a little pair of underpants engraved underneath it...

that's about everything... off to town i go.

oh, and i've nearly finished my 'chosen' counterpoint fic; i'm on the last scene, having managed to drag the filler section out rather pointlessly. it is, of course, shamefully angsty and fluffy, being written in the tail-end of PMT where everything even slightly shippy makes my brain tingle. *ahem* TMI? but anyway, it's nearly done, then i have to do 'end of days' (although it's rather redundant and would end up as spike ranting...) and then i have to avoid, avoid, AVOID doing a sequel with a prophesy, a child, and spike, even if it does fit the song from miss saigon absolutely perfectly.

nope. not going to do it.


i'm not.


i'm going to, aren't i?

*sigh* well, in any case, i need to finish this one and chapter it and post it...

okay, going now...