December 2nd, 2003

Photo - leaves


i emailed this to a couple of you already, but here it is for everyone else:


power to the people! (even though all i did was sign a couple of petitions, but still, i did follow the campaign ardentlyish and was as irate as everyone else that it got axed, especially after That Finale.)

see, i knew kemper would get us the ending. i just knew it.

with many thanks to her most high imperial deific and worshipped being, the all-knowing dulcima ;), aka sweeterthing, for the link. hurrah! i have four more hours of geekdom to watch! my life is not over! yayyyy!

anyway. i need a haircut rather desperately, and the campus place appears to be closed again. everywhere's closed lately. including the very useful scoop-n-save place where i get cheap ingredients from. bah. so, yeah... i need to walk back, now, and try to get an appointment somewhere else...

i don't think there's anything else of much interest... can't remember if i mentioned about buffy getting a place in the 100 top sexy moments in the channel four poll, and if i did, i apologise, and if not, well, there it is. much whooping and squealing and "yay buffy!" did ensue, although i got rather irritated by the silly UK magazine editor lady not having a clue what she was on about, and the fact that they attributed its position in the list as entirely down to sarah michelle gellar. um. hello? james marsters is way prettier... :P (it was the... building sequence from 'smashed', incidentally... although i would argue the dream sequence in 'dead things' was kinkier.)

i'm shutting up now...

see, this is what happens when we have jeremydreams on sunday night and spikedreams on monday night... and unfortunately, i barely remember either of them. except that the former was overseeing an exam (like at school, wandering between the rows of students) and i ended up throwing a pencil at him, and he was in a house with some random bodyguard trying to keep him out of the public eye despite the fact that nobody but me knew who he was. clearly, i'm dangerous. and all i remember of the spike one is an argument with someone who may have been flat-vicky over a picture of him. i think.

wow. coherence. don't you love it? yay for three hours sleep...

i'm going, now. hair appointments must be made, rehearsals must be attended (i'm going "to be used" for the solo, apparently. bugger my bloody inner exhibitionist...) and... i guess work should be done. maybe i'll try and read trainspotting. if i start posting in scottish dialect, you'll know why.

and did i mention YAY! for farscape yet?