December 3rd, 2003

Photo - leaves

i can see!

why can i see? because i just got my hair cut and got rid of the great mass of fringe obscuring my vision. hurrah! whenever i attempt to grow it out, i always get bored. i suppose i was just born to have very short hair.

anyway. there's supposed to be some kind of lecture in this room, but as it's empty i thought i'd invade and runawayveryfast if someone comes in looking lecturer-like. and this computer is set at 800x600 resolution despite having a flatscreen (the result being too-large and oddly-blurred text) and i can't read my journal properly. which does not mean i'm going to start catering for every resolution. no frelling way. it just means i'm going to complain muchly over the fact that they've disabled any way of changing the bloody settings back to what they were to stop people breaking the computers. which is fair enough, but still...

we spent most of last night taking silly pictures with various digital cameras and putting up yet more christmas decorations - two letter banners and little cardboard trees and more lights. i think we just might have the most festive flat in the block, at least, if not the entire halls. although i'm sure there's someone outdoing us somewhere.

at rehearsal last night, beata (scary german conductor lady whose name i can't spell) said she was sorry there wasn't more for me to do. believe me, one verse, an interconnecting line, and various random ad libbed harmonies and descants is enough... and she wants us to form a choir; i met with a girl who'd turned up for the first two *ahem* rehearsals of chorus before we killed it, and we decreed we would leap on anne hollinghurst to ask to do something for easter. i should probably email her after christmas...

i am, however, hideously out of practice since leaving DCU, and my 'h's keep clicking, which is very, very annoying, considering my first line is "mary hail"...

why do i do these things? why?

i am debating going home since i have two hours to kill before my other lecture. the library is full of people, so research is out of the question. they should devise a new system. they should give the antisocial people-phobic people special cards and special days when they can have the library all to themselves without everyone else crowding them. yeah. that'd be a good plan. :)

i am ashamed to admit that i have failed in fighting off my buffy sequel idea and am probably now going to write it, despite telling myself that there was no way i was going to put myself into another 'cradle'-esque, unfinished rut by trying to do a post-season-7 fic. but the idea won't go away, and, clichéd though it may be, i like it, dammit!

and no, i'm not going to tell you what it is. :P

talking of which, i need to add an author's note to chapter two of the counterpoint to explain to the stupid people...

i think that's about everything.

oh! except that i watched 'interview with the vampire' last night for the first time in ages, and it reminded me why i really, really wanted a film of 'the vampire lestat'. in fact, what they should have done was:
a) filmed all three of the vampire trilogy books ('interview', 'lestat' and 'queen of the damned') in the same sort of time period - i haven't seen the new QOTD but from what i heard it was terrible, and claudia black with her one line was the best thing in it.
b) if they'd done that: not cast tom cruise as lestat. he's perfect as IWTV's lestat, but would have been terrible as TVL's lestat. brad pitt i can cope with. this is the only known film on record to make him look vaguely attractive. there's just something about vamp makeup and green eyes...
c) definitely NOT cast antonio banderas as armand. if not for the fact that armand was meant to be 16 and auburn... (and because my brain kept saying "butbutbut vamp!" at me, which is a Very Bad Thing.)

then it would have been very, very good. there was a very scary moment during the creation of claudia. when she's drinking from the maid and looking up at louis, it was last_dance. i mean, seriously. wow.

and that's it. except it did inspire the buffy sequel, or at least inspire me to make a plan for it. vampires, okay? and i was very tired...

i also finally saw 'the princess bride' on sunday, which was very amusing, if only because the short dude with the spaniard and the giant was the guy who played the grand nagus on DS9, and seeing any ferengi out of makeup is funny. (snyder!)

right. going.