December 5th, 2003

Photo - leaves

guess what?

well, the fac that i'm updating and it's, like, half past midnight should give you a clue.



as of nine o'clock this evening, apparently. woot, woot, woot, oh, yeah, and other exclamations of joy...

of course, this does mean that
a) i will never stop updating
b) i will never, ever sleep again
c) it will probably die first thing tomorrow when i'm up...

but still, woot!

incidentally, the new livejournal client by semagic is frelling wonderful... :)
Photo - leaves

see? no sleep. none.

but there is a purpose, honest. in the excitement of returnethed internet access, i forgot to mention today's purchases:

~ a bag, big enough to hold my folder, all embroidered and pretty.
~ more blank, coloured t-shirts for printing things onto
~ CDs: the magic of the musicals (4CD pack) and katie melua's "call off the search", which is very pretty, and everyone has to buy it...
~ a top from etam, which i'll wear on christmas eve if drinks happen.
~ a new phone, because my old one was irritating me. and, in the interests of being a Great Big Geek, Collapse )so. yeah. that's it. :) going to bed now, honest.
Photo - leaves

in promoting talent.

i have finally scanned the glorious, fantabulous picture of kittenspike that last_dance drew me for my birthday. if anyone has not yet been introduced to the phenomenon of kittenspike, the original concept can be found here. anyway, a while ago i decided it would be a good idea to make a t-shirt, just in case i ever get to meet james marsters again, ever, and the original plan was to make better photos with photoshopped ears, and put the proofs on the back. but now i don't have to, because i have this piece of wonderfulness to use instead:

isn't it fabulous?

and, because it's quicker than trying to email them to her, here are the lyrics to "closest thing to crazy" for ennixeve...

Collapse )

pretty, no?

okay, i'm done. i should go read more of trainspotting...