December 11th, 2003

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icon! (take two)

well, look at me and my imagereadyness...

i've got the animation bug, so i've animated a couple of my original icons. we now have these two:

the first being a quote from the scene where she turns edward purple (purple!), because the image wasn't quite funny enough on its own, and the second being just rather sweet...

so, yeah. bored? me?

i have an essay to do. shoot me if i come on here before it's done...
Photo - leaves


if, like me, you are a fellow typeface freak, then this place is definitely the place to go. somanyfonts! the dingbats are especially wonderful - there are jack skellington type heads and various other prettiness and ohmygodi'mgoingtofillmycomputerwithfonts...


yes. really, i only went for the jack skellingtons. honest.

oh, and i should warn you that they are all .zip files, and you can download WinZip from somewhere. i don't remember where, exactly, but google should tell you. :)
Photo - leaves

icon! (take three...)

having found yet another image host that seems (for now) fairly cooperative, i can show you the buffy-icon-that-can-never-be (i took out the interesting fades but it's still 153KB), and this is what it looks like:

i'm especially proud of the willow bit... it seems to work better than the others. and as for why: well, i had to turn the quote into something, and when i watched "chosen", i just suddenly realised how old giles looked... so i was trying to find caps that reflected that. (they're from "welcome to the hellmouth" and "chosen", respectively, for each character...)

so, yeah. there it is.