December 14th, 2003

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*blink blink*

wow, look at me all up before noon on a sunday. but only because a) vicky and i have to clean the kitchen and b) i woke up at 7am and 9am, reset the alarm for 10.30, and then decided it was too much hassle trying to get back to sleep. plus, i'll probably sleep through eastenders if i do manage to go back to sleep, and if not, then return to oz...

apologies for the pointlessness. but considering i've spent three days in a row sleeping in til 3pm, this is an achievement in itself... gah. i hate the end of term.
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in planning ahead...

the cats UK tour continues, so far with no signs of stopping. the really useful site lists dates up to the start of july, which spans a lot of people's birthdays ;) if anyone is interested in seeing it with me, pick a city from the list below (preferably not one that's in scotland...)

16th December - 3rd January: New Theatre, Oxford
20th January - 17th February: His Majesty's Theatre, Aberdeen
10th February - 28th February: King's Theatre, Glasgow (there seems to be something awry with those dates...)
2nd March - 20th March: Royal Centre, Nottingham (eve? fancy going again? at least we wouldn't have to worry about a hotel ;))
23rd March - 3rd April: De Montford Hall, Leicester
13th April - 8th May: Mayflower Theatre, Southampton
11th May - 29th May: Bristol Hippodrome, Bristol (again... eve? :D)
1st June - 19th June: Marlow Theatre, Canterbury
20th June - 10th July: Theatre Royal, Norwich

that's as far as the website goes. there's nothing on there to say that norwich is the end of the tour or if there will be more dates confirmed; if they've got any sense at all, they'll play it in every city for as long as possible, and bring it back to the hippodrome in birmingham if only because the seating's better...

anyway, if anyone does fancy seeing it with me (i'm always willing to see it again and up my total to five) be warned that i will be going for the best seats possible. my goal is to find out exactly when it ends (i'd phone them, but they probably don't know...) and try to get front row seats for that one, too. nevertheless, there are the next few tour dates... i'll even memory-ify this post so i can find it again later. :) and i have, of course, put all of these dates on my year planner, which is now covered in interesting purple lines. ;)
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a rather lengthy and pointless post... which i show you lots of random photos. because, after all, what's the point of having a digital camera if i can't post pictures?

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i should mention that, rather impressively, all of those but the socks were taken through a less-than-clean window. i love my camera. :)

so, yeah. i will do some work in a moment, honest.
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subject: creative writing: contexts iii
topic: responsibility
my title: representing the phantom: responsibilities in adaptation
summary: well, i'm looking into adaptations of the phantom of the opera - the original novel, the 1925 and 1943 movies (although i may omit the latter at this rate), the musical, the kay and forsyth novels, and the upcoming musical-movie, and then commenting on what responsibilities the adaptors have, and to whom. it's very fangirlish, of course, but, hey, write what you know. i'm purely using phantom because there are SO MANY adaptations of it, and because i did cinderella last year, and because sunset boulevard would be too tricky at this rate.
word count: 2000, i presume. 2500 at a push, considering it's meant to be an 'article'...
current words: 2012. bugger.
approximate amount of words left to do: about 1500, judging by what i can and will say about this movie, if i refrain from ranting to too much of a degree. double bugger.

i may have to do some severe editing...