December 20th, 2003

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seasons greetings, and other things...

well, here i am, all packed and ready to go home for two weeks.

well, i say 'packed'. more like 'some clothes shoved into my little case, a bag full of uni books, miscellaneous CDs, a bag of presents, and my computer still to unplug and seperate', but you know... but yeah. going home at 11.00ish, or probably more like 12.00ish by the time everything's in the car, until the 3rd or 4th of january. here are some dates for the next few weeks of my life, if anybody is interested...

~ christmas eve: going to the briar with lloyd et al. so will doubtless see most of you there. you all have to come; i have cards and presents-i-was-meant-to-give-in-november to hand out.
~ boxing day: seeing chicago at the alex, hopefully with marti pellow actually in it.
~ new year's eve: is currently a debate between going to see alison and her friend at a party, or working at harborne golf club for £85. the latter is sounding more appealing, and i can probably still see alison at some point anyway.
~ 3rd/4th january: going/coming back up to derby.
~ 5th january: piece of coursework due in.
~ 8th january: back to work
~ 12th january: another piece of coursework due in.
~ 14th january: critical theory exam.
~ 15th - 26th january: freeee! except for thursdays and fridays (unless my timetable means i have to change it.) so if you wish to invade - or anyone else, for that matter - here would be the time to attempt to organise something.

and with that, i leave you, because i didn't get to bed 'til about 4.30am and got up an hour ago, so i'm knackered, and i still have to unplug my computer and its associated paraphernalia.

merry christmas if don't see you...
Photo - leaves

and as a very random sidenote...

xander/dawn shippers scare me... i mean, even more than the dawn/spike-rs... at least that's based even remotely in canon... although, i suppose there was the end of that one episode with the xander&dawn conversation, but still...