December 22nd, 2003

Photo - leaves

back home...

some things:

1) i must refrain from spending my time at uni sitting on top of the radiator, because i am inevitably cold when i come home again...
2) i am so, so glad someone invented LCD flatscreen monitors. so, so glad... (even if this one is fairly new and 17". it's still annoyingly blurry.)
3) i can't taype with this keybopard, as this uncorected liune demonstartes/ i mena, i can;t taype at the best of times, but this is the keyabord they gave me when my old one broke abou t thre years ago and it's the most nnoying thing in the univesre. nt to mention the fact that there are buttons where there shoudn't be buttns. its cares me and i cant find the bfreeling backpsace key. gahg.
4) wow. if you could read that, well done... i want to shoot myself for it. that reminds me of a fic i read many moons ago where spike sent willow an email (for no apparent reason), and couldn't figure out how to correct things. *giggles*
5) i hate mousemats. and mice that you have to move. should have brought home my thumb-rolling mouse...
6) i watched moulin rouge last night and was vaguely inspired to make a layout, which i will do when i am back and have the DVD to make caps with. and a keyboard with which i can type. everything's taking four times longer than it should do and this thing is not touch-typist friendly in the slightest.
*bash bash bash*

wow, cold fingers. ow.

7) 4 days til my dot com!!!
8) i started the buffyclichéfic. working title is now "broken"...

i think that's everything. going to bed shortly (how's this for impressive: i went to bed at 11.30 last night, woke up at 8.45, and then got another 3 hours or so extra, so i'm caught up entirely on sleep! woot!) tomorrow i have to go to bearwood to go to the bank and things. so... excitement. ;)