December 29th, 2003

Photo - leaves

bloody 'ell...

bob monkhouse is dead... there goes a little bit more of britain...

anyway, on a less morbid note, have some randomosity:

~ translucent has converted me to being a predictive text user. although so far i've had to teach my phone the word 'frell', unsurprisingly, and it persists in using 'of' instead of 'me'. but nevertheless, it's considerably quicker and not as annoying and confusing as i first thought, and i'm going to kill her, because it gives me one less thing to complain about. ;)
~ just watched the first third of the three-night most haunted live, and am continually inspired to write an original story about similar characters... but i'll probably explain that more if and when i ever get around to writing it...
~ got the evanescence my immortal single. it's way better than the album version - the vocals and the arrangement in general is better, the video is pretty, and just wow. everyone buy it!
~ watched a mid-season episode of the 10th kingdom at random today. most of you probably haven't got a clue, but here's the buffy cast crossover version, which'll never get written, but is fun to do anyway...

virginia - buffy
tony - giles
wolf - spike (pointy teeth; major predator issues...)
wendell - xander
the queen - willow
snow white - tara (don't ask. that makes sense in context.)
troll king - riley (*snigger*)

and there it sort of falls apart because i've forgotten most of the characters. but yes... i definitely have some sort of incurable disease. ;)