January 10th, 2004

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a query or two

1) how long do we think it might take to rip my entire CD collection onto my hard drive?
2) how far do we think i'll get before my computer crashes?

*has just downloaded winamp and is feeling adventurous* i've got 85 albums (well, 85 CDs, anyway) and 27 singles; that's on average 4 songs per single and 12 per album, and probably the largest any MP3 can be is about 7MB, which is about 7.5GB in total (which, out of 56 remaining, isn't that bad...)

3) unrelated, but can anyone figure out why, all of a sudden, all of my posts under a given day are coming up as being done at the same time? there doesn't appear to be anything wrong with my style HTML, and while it's not that annoying, it does mean that going through entry by entry doesn't work...

bah. silly livejournal.

*has just solved problem* the 'update time automatically' feature had somehow become unchecked...

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also, "The songs we write are fantastic, and/We are the best lyricists in the land" has to be one of the best lines ever... :) (Vile Bros. Mountain Band...)
Photo - leaves

snurched off shibaiko because i procrastinate.

(changed, and somewhat cheated because i filtered out the community posts...)

*take the last sentence of the last 10 20 entries on your friends list and post them*
-> Silent porn!
-> Comitatus.
-> Lates', y'all.
-> and again i say, "eh."
-> Or Egypt.
-> 4. My head hurts.
-> I wonder if I'll have it again.
-> ( I like my women like I like my coffee: in a plastic cup! ) (an lj-cut)
-> Which is fine by me, because it's beautiful.
-> Eni is Confused: You can stop any time now.
-> 250. Close Encounters of the Third Kind
-> I'm done!
-> But please answer when I call you dear
-> :D
-> this 'otta be good.
-> Posts entry.
-> Ever.
-> I be so uncultured I guess.
-> ( 250 films ) (another lj-cut. stop taking memes, lorna. :P)
-> well, hey i thought it was about time i left a cheerfulish post.
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must stop obsessive-compulsive word count-checking. because, no matter how ironic it might be having exactly 2,004 words, it only means there's 1,496 still to write...
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