January 11th, 2004

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new speakers!


went to pc world today to get a magenta ink cartridge (the printer refuses to print without all four of its colours intact, despite my vehemently shouting at it that i only needed to print in black anyway...) and treated myself to some new speakers. my old ones had various problems, the least of which was the outer coating of the cable splitting to reveal the wires beneath, and the most annoying of which was probably the fact that it picked up radio signals. although that could be entertaining, too. i caught half of a police car chase once. :)

anyway, new speakers. they're black and dinky (and have a power button on the front; now there's a new-fangled idea... *rolls eyes*) and since they're by creative/sound blaster, they make my lovely new soundcard sing. seriously. dude. the quality's frelling amazing. which, considering that i've made a start ripping my CDs to my hard drive, is a Very Good Thing.


in other news, i should be doing my essay... 1,100 words to go. no problem. of course, once i've done that, i have to re-read slaughterhouse 5 and revise for critical theory on wednesday... bah.
Photo - leaves


well, that was interesting...

why is it, do you think, that when you have much, much better things to be doing, your computer decides to flip out completely and do something random?

today's adventure: whilst in a hurry earlier, i must have accidentally tried to drag when i should have double-clicked, which is easily done. however, it somehow managed to convince my CD-RW that it was full (all 650MB of it) when yesterday it had over half left. which meant it wouldn't let me save anything back to it, delete anything, or change anything. and considering it's the CD i put all my images on, this is a problem. it had somehow managed to write-protect itself, which is utterly pointless.

so, cue much disgruntled muttering, and trying to copy the files to my hard drive. which was fair enough, but i didn't realise exactly how many files there were, and since it kept coming up with error messages whenever it found a ws_ftp.log file, and some random .html and .txt files, the whole process took longer than it should have done. especially considering my computer hates me transferring files using explorer and slows right down whenever i try. anyway, i managed to save it all back. and attempted to reformat the CD. it crashed. joy.

luckily, i have another CD-RW, which i was using to compile the AIM conversations had with katie so i can send it to her when it's done. i also had a randomly formatted blank CD (non-rewritable) from something i was trying to do that didn't work. so i put all the AIM files on the formatted non-RW (formatting them makes them as re-writeable as is needed, they're just not as safe to use and come up with annoying messages whenever you eject them...) and reformatted the proper re-writable to put the images on, and now i think i'm sorted.

confused? i don't blame you...