January 15th, 2004

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okay. so last night, to celebrate the end of exams and the week and a half i have in which to do very little, vicky and i decided to go out and get very drunk. which we did.

we started at the standing order (local large wetherspoons; used to be a bank) where we met vicky's friend laura, who also brought her friend oliver. reason for wetherspoons? wedges. two plates each. it seemed like a really good idea at the time.

so. two plates of potato wedges and two smirnoff ices each in there. then we headed off to walkabout. they were having a 2-4-1 night. oh dear. three reefs in there, and listening to bad karaoke.

then we went to coyote wild; they wouldn't let vicky in without ID, and wouldn't accept her student card as ID. bear in mind that most places in derby do accept it, because it's a university city that gets most of its profit from the students. *sigh* anyway, that wasn't too much of a bother since we were going to go to revolution anyway afterwards, and it was only over the road (and nearer to home.)

oh dear. oh dear, oh dear...

revolution's cocktails are lethal. we got a pitcher of sea breeze between three of us (grapefruit, cranberry, lots and lots of vodka; very nice, but not, um, currently...) and pretty much finished that off before laura and oliver went home. then came the shots. and the point at which i remember incredibly little. they were selling new shot flavours for a pound each - bubblegum and pear drop (the pear drop ones were goooorgeous), so we tried them. then bought six (yes, six) more of the pear drop ones between us. two of mine went into the remainder of my cocktail. made it taste nice, but probably wasn't the best plan...

random blokes at the bar waved to us. remember that...

you know when you reach a certain point where you're so drunk there's no drunker you can get? well, i think i may have found drunker...

we decided to buy some apple flavoured shots. also very nice, and by this point i was drunk enough to down them in one (i hate downing shots in one) - so then we bought some more. i bought the first two (got chatted up at the bar by aforesaid waving bloke, but we were both too drunk to really... say anything beyond "'m a student..." and then vicky bought the second lot and got chatted up by a different random bloke, who she brought back to the table with her (he had a friend, who later disappeared. i recall him phoning him going "yeah, but where are you?" which was hysterically funny at the time...) i was sort of falling asleep by this point. also managed to lose my nose stud. vicky was snogging random bloke.

i'm sure he had a name, but for the life of me i don't remember it. anyway, he bought us another bloody pitcher of sea breeze (which i didn't drink any of, i think) and then they started kicking us out (i think it must have been about midnightish.) he walked us home. wow, i was really drunk by this point. he offered to carry me and i think he managed that for all of two feet, then decided it'd be easier if i got on his back. i recall that failing twice and me hitting my head on the pavement... but i managed to walk, anyway.

it's a bloody wonder none of us were hit by a car. i guess the home-auto-pilot works for road sense, too... ("headlights bad, tree pretty" or something...)

i lost a glove on the way into halls (bloody hell, they were my favourites, too. my black velvet ones with the fur. bugger.) but... maybe i'll find it again. and while i was waiting for vicky to stop snogging random bloke (or possibly the other way around...) i fell into the bushes. literally. backwards. they both had to pull me out of there... (i feel so sorry for whoever's window i was under...)

i'm a walking cliche, aren't i? ;)

halfway up the stairs, vicky threw up. fun.

somehow i managed to get my key and get in my room, go through the usual of getting changed and going to bed. and then. and then. oh god.

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so. joy all around, really. the only trouble with getting that drunk is you have a general sense of "i fear nothing! i feel no pain!", and the damage assessment the next morning afternoon is not a pleasant experience. my hands and arms are covered in little scratches from the bush, and my knuckle is cut from something else (i remember it being red in revolution but not knowing why), and there's huge (burst) blister on the back of my right ankle, but i knew that was going to be there. the back of my head is surprisingly undamaged considering how hard i hit in on the pavement... i may have to get random bloke's number off vicky and text him with "you dropped me, you bastard..."

oh, and my neck hurts, but that's probably a sleeping thing. i'm never, ever drinking that much again. i'm tempted to renounce vodka altogether, but i won't...

someone has to invent an instant hangover cure. now. please?