January 22nd, 2004

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well, i managed to get around to watching pirates of the caribbean, finally. i'd enthuse muchly about the deleted scenes, but i haven't actually been able to watch them yet. the DVD player refused to play them, the DVD-ROM is just being an arse in general, and this is most annoying.

(the blooper reel's good, though. and i managed to watch half of the scary 1968 disneyland PotC ride documentary before my screensaver cut in - you'd think there'd be some kind of automatic override or something. i mean, it's not like the computer's not doing anything... bah.)

anyway, i'll try it once more, and if i ever get to watch them, i'll let you know.

update: finally got it to work, though it crashed straight afterwards. nothing particularly slashy, as i'm sure some of you will be devastated to hear ;) but there is one scene between will and jack that might set the slashbeasts bouncing. another scene between jack and elizabeth that made nautica go "hmm?" in a sort of curious manner, which is a Bad Thing (will not go in search of fic. no. will sleep.) 2 deleted scenes from jack-and-elizabeth on the island, one of which is utterly adorably fantastic, and the other of which is making the tortured soul complex extend to jack sparrow. oh, dear god. other than that it's just the usual edited bits.
Photo - leaves

some interesting observations.

okay. so i caved. i'm sorry. but it was right there. *flaps*

found the PotC section on ff.net. some observations:

1) ye gods, i have never, ever seen so much mary sue fic in my entire life. i mean, really. no, calling it 'original character' does not disguise it as something better. it's a mary sue.
2) some bloody terrifying pairings, too, though surprisingly little jackwill.
3) i am hereby officially a jack/elizabeth shipper. oh, what? this is me; i love minority 'ships, and... yeah, blame the deleted scenes. they were more j/e-y than the movie was. but nevertheless, it seems to be the 'ship of choice for the better writers, so that's something. will definitely investigate more.

going to bed now... :)

also: it had to happen eventually and naomi and i didn't get there first. shame on us. (buffy/PotC crossover. amusing one, too. it even has a sock demon. :P)