January 24th, 2004

Photo - leaves


this was going to be a bizarre tiredness-enduced rant about the graduation service (i'll mention one aspect momentarily) but i just saw the beginning of the repeat of film 2004, and OMG! (to coin a phrase) i have to see big fish!

(the new tim burton, if you weren't sure.) it's out on 30th january nationwide. seriously. i've heard fabulous things about it, what i just saw in clips was frelling gorgeous, ewan mcgregor looks so much like a young albert finney it's scary, and the soundtrack's by danny elfman. must. see. now...

anyway, the graduation service thing. yesterday's sermon was by some random archdeacon lady, and the basic gist was that she didn't believe in the miracles, and managed to explain the fishes and loaves one in perfectly reasonable, yet still religious, terms. apparently, this didn't go down very well. the greek orthodox leader this morning was also complaining about it, because it is, i admit, probably a dangerous idea for a preacher to say that she doesn't believe in the miracles of christ (and an archdeacon, no less.) but you know what? i say kudos to her for doing it. she still believed it was a miracle, but one of faith, not of 'magic'. and considering the congregation was probably 30% non-christian, yay for her.

as for today - i had, of course, completely forgotten that at least one of the services would contain the graduate occupational therapists that i would have been a part of had everything not gone wrong. i think i spotted ema (first year flatmate) near the back, though i doubt she remembers me or even saw me, and some other vaguely familiar people, plus sarah, who i also lived with. that was marginally depressing, probably because i was so tired. the sermon today was also very good, and some of the general 'we give thanks for [university type attribute here]' things got to me. possibly it's all just hitting home, now. that'll be me next year. ye gods...