January 25th, 2004

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*eyes glaze over at utter wonderfulness* that's the site for big fish. it takes a while to load, but the music's just... guh... *dissolves* it's all elfman-symphonic-orchestra-tuning-uppy and ohdeargod...

i have to see this film. i have to get the soundtrack. i must spend my entire student loan on multiple viewings and the DVD...

tim burton+danny elfman=god.
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Photo - leaves


in listening to sleepy hollow (i was going to send some to eve to initiate her into the wonderfulness of danny elfman, but i realise it's probably not the best thing for elfman-virgins, so i'll find something else...) and thinking about the general prettiness of the movie, and the upcoming big fish and tim burton's general movie prettiness, and how much i'm dreading the phantom movie because i know it'll be horrible, i realised something.

if tim burton were to direct phantom of the opera... it would be the most marvellously fantastically beautiful thing ever. he has the imagination to do it justice, and the pathos, and wow, they'd put in annoying bits of original score because producers are idiots like that, but they'd be by danny elfman and therefore less annoying. god. now, that, i'd see. tim burton or baz luhrman, though it would be a different approach... luhrman would pull out all the stops visually, burton would do the same, only it would be darker and, oh, oh, i want them both to do it. luhrman for the sheer grandeur of the opera house and all the whimsical bits (moulin rouge!, people...) and burton for the surroundings of erik's dark and angsty soul. can't you just imagine the underground lair designed by a production team under those two? based on tim burton's scribblings and the original set design? *imagines. dies. resurrects to lament the fact that it's never going to happen*

in fact, those two should work together, full stop. with danny elfman and coleen atwood (costume designer on most of burton's stuff) and me writing it, and it should be orphan eyes and i'll stop fantasising about it now...

*sigh* why do the beautiful things never get made properly?