January 27th, 2004

Photo - leaves


went into uni today to find out my timetable and such; i have, however, managed to conveniently lose the piece of paper upon which i originally wrote down the rooms and things, but never mind, i can get those tomorrow. three afternoons a week, yay!

an amusement as i was leaving the lift: there was a large amount of people waiting to get into said lift on the ground floor, including Strange Irish Bloke, who said, "oh, i love this game. let's see how many people you can cram in a lift. everyone put your legs in your pockets!"


anyway, off i went to HMV, and spent hideous amounts of money. the sale ended. bah.

amélie special edition 2-disc DVD: £24.99 (yowch.)
the hours DVD: £19.99 - it'll be ages til it's on sky and also on sale, and i have to see it.
adiemus - songs of sanctuary CD: £14.99 - having sung some of it in chamber choir, i've always been curious as to what the rest of it sounds like.
big fish soundtrack: £13.99. however, i am not allowing myself to listen to it until i've seen the movie. i fear i may cave.

so, that was... an amount i'd rather not think about. and annoyingly, i still managed to forget to look for the most haunted series 2 DVD and the jack sparrow poster i spotted randomly the other day. bugger.

that's really about it. have a familiar meme, in the spirit of the random:

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if anyone's wondering, the internet is (naturally) being an arse. well, i can view fanfic.net pages and livejournal pages, but cannot upload to either; AIM keeps going on and off, MSN just about works, but YIM is completely non-connecting and i can't check any mail. basically, it's anything i need to log into, because the idiots in the communications department didn't anticipate the rush.

so, many thanks to ennixeve for posting this for me. i'll be back when they stop running around like headless chickens and fix it.