January 31st, 2004

Photo - leaves


today, i picked up the leaflet for the derby ghost walks. there's two different walks - a friargate one and a city centre one, and they also do derby gaol sleepovers for the brave, but they're £35. the walks are £17 as it is.

so vicky and i have decided to go on the city centre one; i'll do the friargate one at another time, since they both sound interesting. and with any luck they'll be done by one richard felix, the historian from most haunted, so i need to get the second series DVD and be a great big geek and get him to sign it. (yvette fielding and derek acorah were signing it in woolworth's in brum when it came out, and i didn't know. bah. but poor richard and matthew never get a look in.) so, i shall be the single member of the richard felix fangirl squad...

*takes in expressions* what?

in other news... um... nope, there is no other news. just when i have the ability to post something, nothing happens of any interest. ;)