February 1st, 2004

Photo - leaves

*kills all the html in the universe*

all right, maybe that's slightly rash... but why is something that works perfectly well on someone else's page never seems to work when i try to adapt it?

i refer, dear readers, to this - don't bother clicking the links, they don't go anywhere - which was meant to have nifty little rollovers like on last_dance's homepage (her little flamey circly things in the vase...) and seeing as i stole her exact html and turned it into what i needed, why doesn't it work?

*takes deep breath*

it's bound to be something really obvious. so i'll take a step away and not kill things and tomorrow i'll be able to spot it... i suppose this serves me right for trying to be a smartarse...

ignore the rant. thanks to something i remembered spotting on guide, i managed to fix it, albeit by going about it in a completely different way...

the mood remains, however. ;)