February 5th, 2004

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you ever have one of those days where every little tiny noise just grates on your nerves? i had one of those days. for no good reason, really, other than being tired. i hope it's quiet at work tonight... anyway, we discussed our little half hour plays (well, the plans, anyway) in writing for TV today in groups of four. the group like mine; the lecturer doesn't. i'm sure i'll manage to please everyone. i was going to tell you all the plan to see what you thought, but i won't...

anyway, all of the aggravation was made better because i went to pick up the parcel from katie. it contained:
~ the promised spike calendar *grin* though i still have to decide where to put it, and i fear this may be awful for my general mental state. (it's bad enough the farscape calendar has a picture of chiaerynaith on it, who still makes me twitch uncomfortably...)
~ lots of random books (minus front cover) from barnes and noble: captain's table: fire ship by diane carey and mosaic by jeri taylor, both voyager; catfantastic ii by andre norton and martin h. greenberg (ed.); lost horizon by james hilton; and on visiting by stephen king, which in all liklihood is in one of the boxes at home... but yes. there is no room on my shelves for any more books...
~ a letter. there's nothing quite like a letter from a friend to cheer you up.
~ photocopies of handwritten fic from her notebook. i am far too pleased by this... :)

and all of the above came in Collapse ) which i must find some use for...

so, yes. hurrah for late christmas presents! now i have to write back and make her another random CD and things.