February 10th, 2004

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i'm getting the urge to start LJ communities. or rather, more LJ communities. stop_the_badfic became more popular (in terms of members if not postings...) than i anticipated, which was nice, but... hm, i feel like starting something really obscure in an effort to find like-minded insane people. like a sunset boulevard community (which, of course, sweeterthing would be obligated to join on a matter of principle...) or a jack/elizabeth PotC community (there doesn't appear to be one...)

but then they'll linger and die and i'll be upset, so perhaps i shouldn't. opinions? suggestions?
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Photo - leaves

things done, things to do.

things done:
~ spoke to dave about dissertation. all seems okay. he wants me to start work on the analysis so he's got something to read. thank bloody frell, i can finally get the damn thing started.
~ went to town and bought things, mainly things for thefleshfailure's birthday present (and no, i'm not going to be silly enough to put what they were here so she can read it...) and things for sweeterthing's present (though that's slightly less original). also ten wooden roses. how's this for mad: they're a pound each, or ten for three pound... hm... plus two birthday cards, random frozen food, etc...
~ went to the heritage centre to book the ghostwalk and it's fully booked. nothing now til march. ah well.

things to do:
~ obtain beer bottle for former's present (she already knows about that :D) and decorate accordingly
~ start dissertation bits
~ find scape fic for above
~ read poe for tomorrow evening
~ some other things
Photo - leaves

what would you people do without me, huh?

jonathan creek is returning (once more) on saturday at 9.00pm, presumably with the final three episodes we didn't get to see. well, it only took them nearly a year. i wonder if i should bother...?

failing that, there's a new drama with caroline quentin called life begins, which is watchable if only because it has caroline quentin in it... - but meh, there's no excuse if she's working again! i demand they remake the fourth series of jonathan creek!

but yes. alas, the caroline quentin thing started last week and i forgot, so am very annoyed. but hey, it's british, it's not like there'll be much to miss... ;)