February 21st, 2004

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and of course i come down with a cold the night before i'm heading off to manchester.  i'll take cold medication with me.  apologies in advance to thefleshfailure if she comes down with something.  i blame collie_wing.  looks like real life viruses (viri?) can be spread over the internet, too. :P
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Photo - leaves

Day Trip to Manchester (started on the train from Sheffield)

Well, that was interesting.  But then, my random trips to Manchester are rarely anything but...

For those who didn't know and don't have a clue: on Tuesday, thefleshfailure turned 21 (as the birthday post probably implied), and, stemming from one of our random comment conversations (the first, I believe), I decided to buy her a keyring because she didn't have one.  The initial plan was to send it to her in the post; except them it grew into two keyrings, a set of pencils (from another conversation) and the Moulin Rouge! soundtrack, plus a copy of Office 2000 (yay, CD-writers...) so I though it'd be easier and therefore more fun to actually go to Manchester to visit her.

So, that's why I went to Manchester.  Plus, random online person meetingage is always good, and there was no other excuse for a jaunt up there this time since there's no interesting shows on at the Palace.

Let's begin with the train journey.  Or rather, journeys, since it involves a change at Sheffield.  On the train from Derby to Sheffield, I encountered possibly the most impatient man in the known universe, with the attention span of a three-year-old to boot.  When I got on, the train was early, due to leave at 0916, so stood at Derby station for about ten minutes.  Impatient Man gesticulated at the window, a sort of one-armed, hand-waving shrug to indicate the object of his annoyance, as if addressing the train with the question, "And we're not moving... why?"  He did it again a mile or so out of Sheffield while we waited for station traffic to clear.  During the journey, he was shifting in his seat, playing with a cardboard flyer (trying to get it to stand on its edge, but he got bored with that when it fell over...) and, when I sneezed, he smiled.  Well, I'm glad my horrible virus amuses you, Impatient Man. I mean, geez, if the train doesn't go fast enough for you... wow, book a private jet or something.  Or, y'know, bring a book to read like the rest of the literary world...

Frellnik. :)  He was part-annoying, part-amusing.  Sheffield is quite possibly the most confusing station ever.  Normally, you get Arrivals boards and Departures boards. Not Sheffield.  Sheffield has one screen, listing 'From' and 'To' stations; very confusing. I nearly ended up getting on a train going from Manchester instead of to it... but anyway, I got there.  Manchester Piccadilly is like a bloody self-enclosed town; Birmingham New Street, take heed.

So.  Meetingness.  As will all people I've met from online (all, oh, three of them...) we got on just fine in real life, which is always good.  It always strikes me as very odd that it's the people you probably wouldn't ordinarily talk to that you end up getting along with when you find them online.  I mean that in a good way; it's not explained well, but I'm exhausted, so gimme a break.  After meeting, we went straight to her house - it's tall!  and thin!  and... house-like! - where I met various housemates whose names I've completely forgotten, and Woodstock the hamster.  And the other two, and the goldfishes (just to emphasise that there are more than one.)

Cake was consumed, and it was discovered to be edible...

Sunset Boulevard was duly inflicted; it's my task in life to make sure everyone I know sees this movie; those who haven't, let this be your warning. :)  Incidentally, the DVD?  So cool!  Must. Watch. Extras...  I think Eni's converted, anyway, though to which shipper group, I'm not entirely certain.  There was plenty of 'aw'ing going on during the New Year's Eve sequence, anyway ;)

Then, it was Quills; enjoyable despite a difference of opinion about the ending.  I think it's cool, she was bawling her eyes out (I'm sorry!  I forgot Collapse )  Well, okay, complete lie, but I didn't think it'd be that upsetting.  You have to admit, it's still a fantastic film... if probably a little more of Geoffrey Rush than we wanted to see... but anyway.

Films done with, we wandered to McDonalds for food, discussing internet addiction, then wandered back again so I could have Hair inflicted on me...

Collapse )

Okay, Eni.  Reviews of Sunset and Quills, please. :P

Then, off home I went.  Got chatted up by random drunken blokes.  (Incidentally, why do I only ever get chatted up by drunkards and random nineteen-year-old sk8ers??)  Otherwise, it was uneventful other than the very very noise people on the Sheffield - Derby train.

I'm bloody exhausted.  I was going to watch Jonathan Creek but it turns out I pressed the power button this morning instead of 'Timer Rec', so have missed it.  Most annoying.  Also, my images CD closed itself again, and somewhere in one of the various saving-to-my-harddrive processes, I appear to have lost an entire folder of images.  I mean, they weren't particularly important ones (it was my 'Random' folder), but, y'know... it's annoying.

I think I should probably go to bed, or something...

Oh, and before I forget, Collapse )