February 24th, 2004

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oh, god...

i'd completely forgotten how utterly fantastically adorable and hysterical this fic was.  though i must really learn not to read the damn thing at 2am...  and i'm only on chapter 3.  the really funny bit starts in chapter 4. oh dear...


incidentally, that chapter four cookery section? that's me. i mean, seriously.
Photo - leaves

Another Buffy dream for your entertainment...

Yeah, I know, they're never that interesting.  Look, do you want these or the ones about y-k-w again?  Right. Thought so. :P

So. Buffy dream.

Before I do, however: my subconscious has a landscape all of its own.  It has a little world that the dreams inhabit.  Parts of it claim to be real places.  I know this because I've dreamt about them before, and they re-occur.  There's a bit that's like Greece, or Ancient Rome, with lots of ruined stone architecture.  There's the great wooden tower, whose actual construction still hasn't been revealed to me entirely.  There's swimming baths; there's a round, bottomless pool set deep into Grecian rock; there's a whole system of underground tunnels; there's a theatre; there's a place that seems to be Devon, or possibly Dover, or some combination of the two; there's a city, with a great, glass tower block; and there's a garden.  That's just the start of it.  Trying to map it is impossible, though, because the places are completely unrelated geographically and physically, only tenuously linked.

(The dream with Aisha and Crystal the other night, I believe, actually happened in the wooden tower, now I come to remember properly.)

So, last night's Buffy dream happened in the place that claims to be Devon.  And, as usual, it would make a very good (admittedly fantasy) fic could I remember all of it.  Not all of the characters were there; Buffy and Spike were there, as were Willow and Tara, and quite possibly Anya, but I think that's it.  And I was there, though at one point I was Buffy (even though I was talking to her at the time...)

Anyway.  Aside from being in Devon (my subconscious was very specific about this matter) and mostly outisde, there was also a house.  Which I've also dreamt about before.  Only now it's gottten bigger.  It only seems to have one staircase, though, which implies the damn thing's only getting taller... but the house was a very important aspect of the dream.  There was an enemy character (who was male, but that's all I remember) and... there was an aeroplane.  The first random section I remember was being in a car, driving along Devon-esque roads (only there weren't such high hedges) and said plane flying low above the ground right over the car.  It later turned out that the enemy person had a plan where he was shipping (or flying) out various people to somewhere, whilst keeping the other half locked in a big gothic house (which rather oddly resembles the big gothic pirate caves that I dreamed about the other night.  How bizarre.)

Enter the Buffy cast, apparently on holiday or just there for some reason that must have made sense at the time.  And the next random section, where they - or we, since I was there, but they didn't seem to be that I noticed - were exploring said house.  There was a boy there who was either Gus from EastEnders or Gunn from Angel.  We were exploring every room.  Then, on reaching the top floor, I think Xander was there because he was complaining in case they all got killed.  On the top floor, the room opened up into a big, white, wooden deck type area, that was open to the elements and build partway into the cliff face, which had a slight incline down to a beach, where there were six motor boats docked.  These boats, apparently, proved what we'd all suspected from the beginning, that the enemy-type man was indeed shipping half of his guests (? - that made sense in my head) out to who knows where.  They'd be put on the boats, shipped to the opposite beach (it was quicker than going by road, apparently) and onto the aeroplane.  The other half got imprisoned.

Then someone apparently spotted us, and we scrambled up the cliff.  My flatmate Lydia was there, and she was lagging behind, and because we slowed down and the sand was shifting beneath our feet, we got caught, and had the privilege of being the last to board the plane, which was apparently the worst punishment, the lack of available seats meaning that the final few boarders needed to sit around the edges, like on a boat.  This is more or less where I remember it to the end.

There was a whole bit missing when we were on the boats.  After the boats was a long trek over the Devon hills to the plane.  The hills were very green, and yellow, with dry-mud gaps where there should have been hedgerows.  The sky was a brilliant pale blue, but there was no sun.  I've dreamt of these hills before; the last time, they were in a dream with the theatre (though it was small, then, too; it's grown since) and underground tunnels, and the mad rabbit guy from The Red Thread...

Then I was Buffy, and also talking to Buffy - I think I'm starting to figure out that this is the subconsious equivalent of writing a third person story from the perspective of one character - and... she was walking arm-in-arm with Willow, who had split with Tara earlier in the proceedings over something.  I remember her saying, "I'm so sorry, Will, this was all my fault." - the fact that they'd gotten caught and couldn't get out of it.  Then they passed the other half of the guests, as they were being ushered into the big gothic house, and - of course - Spike was there.  He was part of the group, and the same punishment applied to the house people, too, being last to go in.  Buffy/me/whoever broke off from Willow for a moment saying that she'd catch up, and ran over to attract Spike's attention, whereby they hugged and got all the goodbyes over with in the few seconds they had left before they got seperated.  She told him she loved him, and it was almost the opposite of 'Chosen', in that he acted like he believed her.  It was gloriously angsty, but kinda hard to describe any other way.  Then he got dragged off and Buffy ran after Willow to catch up.  They were talking about something; at that point, Tara went past with Dawn (?), talking about the time apart from Willow and how she didn't want it to be that way any more, and that she'd gone out with someone else very briefly during their split.  Willow overheard; she was then in tears, sobbing to Buffy that she'd remained faithful, and it wasn't fair.  Which Tara overheard (she was rather loud...) and Buffy told Willow to go and talk to Tara (for some reason, it was important that they all remained together, which is why they were walking in twos.)

Then Buffy was talking to possibly-Anya, saying "I told him I loved him.  And you know...?  I think maybe I do."  Which just made it even worse, even though she seemed to be at peace with the situation.  They were, in fact, the last to board the plane, which was now looking more like a ferry...  There was a strange bit where Buffy threw an empty bottle over a balcony section, resulting in a scream from below, but nothing came of it other than that...  They were flying low over the roads and hills, and Buffy was looking for the gothic house in hopes that she could see Spike and wave goodbye, but it was nowhere to be found.

And that was pretty much it, since that's when I woke up.

It was just one of those dreams that left me with such a feeling, I had to write it down.  However, I then figured out how it might have ended, and the significance of the empty bottle (other than, maybe, it having something to do with Eni...)  See, the reason the house and the plane were so full is that they had to be filled to capacity or the enemy person's boss would say he hadn't met his quota of captives.  So every last seat needed to be filled.  So, by throwing the bottle, Buffy had managed to possibly kill the person it landed on.  So then they'd have to go and get someone from the house to fill the plane quota (I think the house was less important because it could just be filled up when the next few people arrived) which would, of course, be Spike, because he was the last one in.  Or something.  It made sense when I thought it, anyway.

So, that was that.