March 4th, 2004

Photo - leaves

blahdeblah. i really need to start coming up with subjects...

so, the internet went down last night.  which was annoying, of course, but it's back now, so i can upload chapter two of the latest buffyfic. or rather, the first part of chapter two, since it's being ridiculously long.  why not just make the second part chapter three, you ask?  because i'm doing a song per chapter, and i've still got half the lyrics to do, that's why.

finally sold steve on the screenplay idea, even though i've now got a load of pointlessness i didn't really want in it just to make it more plotty... bah.  never mind.

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Photo - leaves


it turns out, curry and mash goes together really well...

how me is this, though?  i can cook really, really nice mashed potatoes, but managed to completely ruin the rice i attempted last night.  bah.  (it's also true what they say about a little knowledge going a long way.  now i can make mashed potatoes, i have them with eeeeeverything!)