March 6th, 2004

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warning: i am about to release the inner POTO-phangirl.


OMG!!!  i have to see it.  i simply have to.  it's michael crawford, back where he belongs, in a lloyd webber musical (a new one!) at the palace theatre (the london one, where les misérables plays), which is huge, and the plot's all victorian, and did i mention it's michael crawford?! singing!  and he's playing a villain!  and that just automatically makes it, like, fifty times better!

this would be the stage door lurk of the frelling millennium, dude!!  everyone buy me tickets!  now!  the closest i ever got to michael crawford was his signing in birmingham's WHSmith in upper sixth, and even then i couldn't really get close because the queue was too long and i had to get back for general studies (which, okay, pointless, but i'd had the same teacher for english that morning...) so i saw him from about ten feet away and basked.

OMG!!!!  michael crawford singing a lloyd webber villain part in the west end!  michael frelling crawford!!!

*gets out lasso, captures phangirl kicking and screaming, and cages her*

sorry about that.  i just had to.  normal service will be resumed in a moment.

right, now for an amusement from work.  though probably only if you were there...  person enters during the busiest part of the night, when there is a queue about five deep at the bar.  person orders the following: two bacardi and cokes, a JD and coke, two carlsbergs, and half a stella, and probably something else.  i ring this in.  then he orders two packets of scampi fries and a bag of roasted peanuts.  i ring it in.  meanwhile, sue is trying to pull a pint of burton for someone else, and laura is trying to get past with dirty glasses from the other bar.  it's only a small bar. you can fit three people behind it when they're not all doing something.  anyway, the bar is also full of empty glasses and half-drunk pints and ashtrays and all manner of general debris, so there's no room to actually put anything down.  i'm trying to put the bags of snacks on the bar, and eventually just give up and drop them in the general direction of an empty space.

sue and several punters crack up laughing, because apparently it was very funny.  it looked, it seems, as though i just hurled the snacks at the customer (which i did, sort of, but i didn't have much choice) which of course sets me going, and i have to try and tell the person how much it all costs while giggling.  much fun all around, and we were still laughing about it ten minutes later...  and i'm stil laughing about it now, but i'm not entirely sure why.  just tired, i suppose...

anyway, tomorrow, i'm going to get up early.  yes, i am, brain.  don't try to convince me to sleep til 3.30 again. mainly because i'm going to make a concerted effort to do the following:

~ tidy up.  and whilst tidying up, get some more laundry done, because it's getting on top of me and i can't change my bed til i've done it.  tidying up to include under the bed, because my red handled scissors have vanished, as has my pritt stick
~ get some frozen food
~ all of the things mentioned in the previous post
Photo - leaves

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oh, that's just infuriating...

i finally managed to post the first bit of chapter 2 of broken record last night.  i checked my review inbox to find two new reviews.  and they were for something else entirely.  in fact, they were for something i posted two years ago...

of course, is behind on its email sending, so for all i know they might have been given weeks ago.


also, i should probably email the reviewer and say that the erik in the 'dark secret love' story isn't, in fact, real, but purely in the main character's imagination... but i guess half the fun is that it's not entirely obvious that she's completely nutso...

edit, in the name of procrastination: oh, and a spuffy songfic done for anything off evanescence's "fallen"? redundant. (even though, yes, i'm using one entitled 'my immortal' as a chapter... but that's not a song songfic, and it fits the scene...)