March 8th, 2004

Photo - leaves


i'm having one of those days where everything i touch falls apart, and everyone on the street is determined to be annoying, whether they know it or not.

however, i have spoken to dave about dissertation stuffs and all seems fine, and in the process, got my first shakespeare today assignment back - 7.5, which is a B or thereabouts.

went shopping; had to buy a new potato peeler (the other one is bent beyond redemption from trying to use it as a form of leverage to separate some frozen pork steaks...) and a new frying pan, since my non-stick one is now always-stick. only problem there is the damn thing doesn't fit in the cupboard.  we have ridiculously small storage space...  also had to buy a new ruler because mine broke yesterday.  they don't seem to sell the folding-in-half ones any more, but i got one that rotates in half instead. it has a protractor in it. i'm easily amused. ;)

and my mum just phoned - she's booking us tickets for the woman in white (aforementioned michael crawford thingummy in london) for the secondish week of it.  yayyyy!  i did text angela to tell her, but it's too late now... anyway, she's a lawyer, she can afford her own tickets ;)  so, hurrah!  i will resist the urge to tidy up my only known one-off POTO fic and send it to the palace theatre.  will.... resist....

that's it.  i've done far too much today to read any more of hamlet right now. i'll think about that tomorrow (i'm scarlett o'hara) so i think maybe i'll redo the livejournal... or start on my mood theme. or something.