March 10th, 2004

Photo - leaves

update on mood theme.

i've come to an executive decision.  as queenc2346 rightly says, the 'enthralled' and 'mischievous' icons work a lot better in colour, and, as flatline2010 says, the spuffy one loses a lot of definition in the greyscaling.  hence, i've decided to keep them in colour, with the sunset boulevard ones in black and white because they are.  it's not consistent, but it's exact.

here's three more, scanned from the back of the run lola run video:

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this is addictive.  but i'll stop now, cantankerous DVD-ROM aside, and read hamlet. yes, i will.
Photo - leaves


i'm pretty sure the lecture today on edward hopper's artwork would have been far more enjoyable had i not been so tired.  (five hours sleep + three hour evening lecture = bad)  when i'm tired, the annoyance of the general populace increases, oh, tenfold.  so that meant i wanted to scream at the stupid chatting people to shut the hell up, and smack the people using their mobile phones as a light source (he put us into darkness to view the slides properly; i imagine it's rather pointless taking notes on artwork unless you can then find every one of those pieces of artwork to refer back to...)

will eat and go to bed and possibly watch a video, then sleeeep...
Photo - leaves

final update on the mood theme, honest...

(have webspace, will utilise...)

edward scissorhands forms the missing link between the colour and the black and white.  hurrah for mr. burton. :)

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also, yay for johnny depp and his facial expressions.  going to be fun doing ed wood and pirates, i can tell...

right.  last update as to mood theme. when it's done, if anyone wants a copy, i'll .zip it and you can upload it wherever to use it (if you have a paid account) though i really doubt anyone will want it, seeing as it basically incorporates my various random obsessions...