March 12th, 2004

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you know what annoys me?  (i mean, apart from everything else...)  when people leave me snarky, nit-picky reviews and are too cowardly to leave an email address.

and getting said snarky reviews by rabid [insert character/pairing here] fans, who take immense pride in telling me how wrong i am.  even though, yes, i probably am,  but i welcome your opinion, and would tell you so had you given me the appropriate details to. but no, you chose to just leave your comments there and were too scared and self-righteous to allow me to defend myself.  because clearly you, as a random reader out of how ever many others, are better than me and your opinion matters more than everyone else's.

and getting three reviews from someone who never intended to read the entire fic in the first damn place, clearly from the same person, using three different (FFN anonymous) names.

it's times like this i hate fandoms, especially large ones.  it's also times like this i feel like ripping cradle from in its entirety (i have all the reviews saved back) and pretending it never existed.  it's times like this i wish i could abandon fandom altogether.  and yes, it's petty, but i'm tired, goddammit, and having just done two hours at work on *counts* probably less sleep than is legal, and with another four frelling hours tonight and tomorrow, i don't need snarky reviewers, thankyouverymuch.

ugh.  it's times like this i wish i wasn't so sensitive over a piece of fanfic - but, hello, eleven months of my life wasted on it, and 115,000 words don't come easy - but then again, i really wish other people weren't so uptight about it.

i'd rant about this longer, but it'd get repetitive and i'm probably wrong and stupid, so i'll leave it there.
Photo - leaves


and you know what's even more annoying?  i was going to try and finish the second chapter of broken record, or at least get some more of it done.  but now i just don't have the energy, or the patience, or even the Muse power (tiredness combined with snark just kills them off) and wow, i really wish i wasn't working tonight...