March 13th, 2004

Photo - leaves

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heaven: a nice big portion of chip shop chips on a rainy night, when you're starving and cold after work.  and a big ol' glass of coke.  and some chocolate hobnobs.

when i move to iowa to be a coffee waitress, will someone please send me regular chip rations? and cadbury's dairy milk? and digestive biscuits? and the smell of the seaside in a bottle?  because there are some things you can never leave behind...
Photo - leaves


y'know what?  i'm going to set up something on my computer that makes it automatically save back whatever i'm doing, and start the shut down process when the clock hits 2am.  and then make it refuse to turn on again until at least 9.00 the next morning.  the idea being that i'd get sleep, not come online at 4am to post annoying lengthy angsts, and just go to damn well bed.  which obviously doesn't stop me writing said angsts, but they're less likely to be inflicted on the general public...

on the plus, plus, plus side, it's raining again. i must have some weird form of SAD that means all kinds of weather make me happy. this is special rain; this is thunderstorm rain (though, obviously without the thunder) and it's diagonal and splodgy and i can hear it on the window, which is what made me look in the first place. yay! rain!