March 16th, 2004

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alice's adventures in windows-land

gods, but i hate XP.  was just helping becky install some fonts on her computer (plus a basic winzip tutorial so she can actually download them in the first place) and a process that is relatively simple with '98 becomes an impossible task with XP.

windows 98:

1) download font.
2) save back to desktop.
3)  open .zip file so it opens in winzip.
4) extract to desktop.
5) go to My Computer -> C:\ -> Windows -> annoying warning page that is pointless -> Fonts -> File -> Install New Font...
6) locate font in C:\WINDOWS\Desktop.  click on it. click on OK.
7) voila. a font.

windows XP:
1) to 5) are as above, minus annoying warning page because XP doesn't expect you to be messing about in the windows folder anyway.
6) attempt to find desktop in C:\WINDOWS
7) fail.
8) click on Start.  click on 'Find'.  look for 'Find' in order to do this.
9) fail. realise it's called 'Search...'
10)  search for 'Desktop'.  locate Desktop.  (this is not unlike the eddie izzard 'cannot access printer' sketch, in that i was going "but it's right there!")
11) copy font to My Documents in hope it'll be easier to find.
12) return to Fonts folder.  repeat File -> Install New Font... process.
13) search through C:\WINDOWS\Documents and Settings\[various users] until one yields the desktop and/or My Documents upon which the font is stored.
14) install font
15) repeat process once more, with desktop becoming more and more elusive.
16) finally put some fonts that i have already on a disk to make the finding process more simple after they've been extracted.

see that?  a whole nine extra steps just to install a font on XP.  not helped, of course, by the fact that a) XP is geared towards several users on one computer, hence the many different users with different desktops and My Documents folders (one of which was "All Users", plus "Owner" and "Rebecca" - it turned out to be in the latter...), b) i frelling hate laptops, which means i was having to give verbal instructions when it would have been quicker just to do it myself, c) becky's not the most computer literate person (e.g., "i don't know how to right click! i only know how to double-click, it does everything!" - but then proceeding to right click anyway. how can people do something but not know what it is?) and d) installing fonts is a complicated process the first time around unless you're already computer-savvy/curious enough to find where the fonts are stored in the first place, and to know that things need to be installed before they can be used...

so, to reiterate: gods, but i hate XP.  i am resigned to the fact that i will one day have to buy a new computer, and cannot demand that they install windows '98 on it.  but hopefully by then they'll have made XP less bloody annoying.  'user-friendly' my arse.  it's user-friendly if you're computerphobic, i'll agree, since the simplest tasks are spelt out for you, and when you install something, it tells you where you've installed it with useful highlighting in the start-menu.  but if you're trying to do something and it doesn't like it, boy, does it let you know...  it's like the goddamn office assitant to the power of fifty, only without the irritating animation...