March 17th, 2004

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mood theme, anyone?

nope, not the insanely time-consuming obsessive one.  i got very bored and made 60 text-based mood icons.  specimens under the cut.  anyone want it?  i made it with no discernible purpose...

if not... i'll leave it to languish on my hard drive.

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i've done 60 of 130ish.  the only trouble with this one is a) i have to do them for every single available mood and b) it's not strictly possible to have a different mood to the icon, but i suppose you still could.

but nevertheless - anyone want it?
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double indemnity

watched above film in america noir today.  the entire thing.  neil campbell believes in showing us research material in its entirety and letting us draw our own conclusion, unlike dave brottman, who shows us 15 minutes of carefully selected clips and talks for the remainder of the 3 hours...

anyway.  double indemnity: 1944, screenplay by raymond chandler, directed by billy wilder.  and despite sitting very firmly on the sunsetgeek, it leaked out during the opening sequence.  (can i help it?  woman on a staircase!  mention of said staircase!)

anyway.  was good.  and amusing.  two notable quotes, one of which i wrote down, the other of which i've forgotten and which was, annoyingly, the better one.  there's probably a screenplay around somewhere.  the one i wrote down was: "now get outta here, before i throw my desk at you!"

barton keyes is very cool. :)

that's it.  too tired to remember the rest.

in other news, i don't know what my computer's up to, but it's very annoying, and if i have to reinstall again, i may have to smack someone.  it's my own fault.  the process of events went something like this:

i went to amazon to find a soundbite so i could try and remember the alanis song i really liked in sixth form.  i couldn't remember the title, the tune, or any of the lyrics.   in order to play amazon soundbites, i needed to download real player.  well, okay, fair enough; the bbc site uses real player files, too, so it's not completely redundant.  i downloaded, and restarted.  and found the song - "thank u", it turns out - and now have it in my head, which is neither here nor there because at least now i know which album i need to get to obtain it - and then went off to try and find an MP3 of it to download, just out of curiosity.

i found a site that looked promising.  it asked that people downloading the MP3s install a software plugin, to prevent other sites stealing their files.  which is fair enough, so i - rather stupidly; everyone throw fruit now - downloaded said plugin.  which didn't seem to actually install, and every time i tried to download the MP3 it insisted i download the plugin instead.

cue a crash. not uncommon.  and a restart.

upon restarting, my desktop is covered in tons of random icons for buying things and online casinos and junk that i don't want, plus an annoying desktop taskbar thingy that seems to serve no feasible purpose but to be bright blue and irritating.  i shut it down, informed it that, no, i did not want it to run on startup, and deleted all the bloody icons it had chosen to put there.  and went to find a different MP3, which also failed, but i didn't really care about the song by this point.  whatever i downloaded has also seen fit to change my homepage to its own rather than the university homepage.  i changed it back, but it's still trying to redirect through the one it replaced it with...

a while ago, the first time i installed MSN Messenger Plus, i did the default install and ended up with an annoying blue search toolbar in IE; it's get-rid-of-able, but it turned up whenever i opened a new IE window.  (and IE really needs a command for getting rid of toolbars altogether, rather than just not showing them...)  the next time i installed Plus, i wised up and did the custom install, which gave the option to install without the sponsor advertising (aforesaid annoying toolbar) and it went away.  anyway, with whatever i downloaded, i am now getting:  annoying toolbar (which now won't load so i can't screencap it), and popups where there should be none, including livejournal, when the ad blocker's on, and just appearing at random for no reason.

photoshop crashed a grand total of five times last night, so i reinstalled it.  i'd like to think it's just a photoshop thing, but i doubt it very much.  now, whenever i click on the IE icon on either my quicklaunch or my desktop, it doesn't open. nor does double clicking the yahoo!mail alert envelope, nor livejournal's friends list option. the only way i can get into IE is through My Computer, using the address bar.  earlier, IE did eventually open, but only after five minutes of thinking about it; now, it's not opening at all. it makes the about-to-open noise, but nothing happens.

there's also annoying things in  programs called "coupons and offers" and the like that are undeletable. and i've tried. six times.

needless to say, i am not impressed.  computer's also just being generally slow.  i'll see if it gets any better, but i fear a reinstall may be on the cards again...


edit after another crash: well, IE seems to be working now, so clearly norton did something right before it crashed. and on the plus side, i seem to have acquired a Google toolbar that blocks popups, which is v. useful and somewhat makes up for the sheer amount of the bloody things.
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oh, dear.

watching frasier, i suddenly realise that lilith has become likable overnight.  and nautica poked me and caused me to suppress an 'aw' at frasier and lilith together - and if the writers are considering what i think they're considering, words, to quote chris barrie, will be said.

hrm...  frasier and roz, dammit.