March 20th, 2004

Photo - leaves

still alive.

though i doubt my absence was noted...  anyway.

1) extra bar shifts = bad.
2) money gained from extra bar shifts = good.
3) money spending = bad.
4) two alanis albums produced from spending = very good.
5) blockbuster's actually having the kenneth branagh hamlet movie = incredibly useful thank you. *relief*
6) hamlet movie = really, really frelling long.  though not as long as gone with the wind, i'll grant you.  also very good.  and dammit, i cannot 'ship for shakespeare. it's just too much.  (hamlet/ophelia, if you're curious. though hamlet/horatio's an interesting angle, too...)  nor can the tortured soul complex extend to it.
7) the above all points to one thing - i need more sleep.
8) it's nearly easter.
9) i have three different 500-word essays to do for the 31st march.
10) the word-based mood theme's finished and i'll try to make it 'live' tonight so it can be seen in all its glory.
11) in that vein, someone remind me to make some buffy (spuffy) icons to alanis' that i would be good...
12) i need to stop posting and get ready for work
13) my father has requested the decree absolute for my parents' divorce... for starters, he should have a copy, i think, and secondly - why?
14) over and out.
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