March 24th, 2004

Buffy - sanity

is that a hallelujah chorus i can hear?

why, yes, i do believe it is.

oh, internet, how i adore you.

articles on fanfiction.  lots of them.  mostly on theories behind mary sue (which, incidentally, i could write a whole nother dissertation on if i was so inclined) and some very very useful things about television fanfiction.

this makes the fact that i'm skiving america noir today (didn't get to bed til 5am, didn't wake up til 2pm, thus, do not have enough hours in the day to attend my lecture and get some work done) a lot less guilt-making.  i knew that somewhere there had to be something on the 'history' of fanfiction; i've read so much random stuff about it over the years it would have taken hours to find the different sources, but this'll do nicely.

looks to be an interesting site in general, actually.  hm. happy reading. :D
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Mix Tape!

Sweet's tape just arrived. :D  Only 60 minutes, but she's forgiven because nevertheless it's a full tape.

Many thanks, Sweet!  You rock!  As does the tape; thoroughly enjoying already and I'm only on the first track...

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So, hurrah for Sweet being first!
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Y'know, the 'My Pictures Slideshow' screensaver is possibly either the most uplifting thing ever, or the most depressing...  I guess it depends entirely on your mood when it kicks in.  But at the moment I'm being bombarded with random birthday pictures that amuse me, so it's all good...
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Spam, spam, spam...

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God, will someone bloody tie me down and make me do some work?  I'd suggest someone steal the power cord for my computer, but then a) I'd have to go on a random killing spree to purge the insanity, and b) I do actually need the computer.  Oh, I know.  Steal my network cable.  Yes.  That'd do it.  Managed another three pages of the Voyager novel.  I'm hoping the Jeri Taylor one'll be easier going; in this one, Diane Carey's just trying too hard, and it's... well, not painful, so much as unnecessary.  I'm sure it'll all become clear later on, mind you.

I'm just contenting myself with the fact that in just over a month everything'll be over, and the fact that my dissertation is half-writen in my head already and really, it shouldn't be that difficult to complete once I get off my arse and start it properly...