March 25th, 2004

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I'm allowed to procrastinate. I did work.

Yes, I did.  Stop raising your eyebrows. I wrote an entire five scenes of my television script, I'll have you know.  Which, okay, is really rather pathetic, but it did take me in excess of two hours and at least I have something to show people tomorrow.

Anyway.  Reading fanfic, naturally, because it's the best thing to do at nearly-to-three in the morning when you should be asleep, and because there's always that possibility you'll find something that isn't so horrible you want to gouge your eyes out with a rusty nail.  And really, I honestly do not know why I didn't read or even consider reading this one before now.

You know sometimes when you find a fic that's so utterly, utterly perfect you just want to laugh with joy?  When everything in it is just so perfectly rendered that it makes up for every single badfic ever written?  When the characters are more in-character than even the original writers could make them, and when their inner thoughts fit, and all the language usage is right, and even the most far-fetched of plots just works because the writer knows how to make it convincing?  When you can just see it, and hear it, and smell it?  When it's so utterly perfect that even the tiniest mistake - which rarely occurs - can be overlooked, because in the scheme of the greater good, it really doesn't matter?  This is one of those fics.  The kind that make you dance, and grin, and jump up and down and want to hug the author for being wonderful.  The kind that you really wish had been an actual episode, and not just because it's wish fulfilment, but because it's accurate and believable.

This is the kind of fic  - the kind of story in general - that everyone aspires to write.  No matter how good you may think you are, there is always - always - someone much better than you.  (Luckily, to counter that, there's usually about ten people who are worse...)  Somewhere out there, there's a writer who is completely perfect.  And even that writer probably aspires to greater things.

Naturally, this also means there's a writer out there who needs to be shot into the sun for crimes against humanity, but let's not dwell on that.  It's entirely too terrifying.

Oh, wow.  I think I'm in heaven.  It's definitely fodder for my defence of the genre, anyway.  There are days when I completely understand why some people hate fanfiction so much; and then there are moments, like this, when I want to put all the fantastic writers into a room and feed them chocolate, and point to all the anti-fic people, and say "See?  See?  You were wrong!  Fanfiction can be beautiful, dammit!"

Ah.  Back to the wonderfulness.  I might stop squealing with joy at some point before 5am.  It's very very tempting to miss the lecture, but... I missed the one two weeks ago, and that would just be bad.
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Some ponderings.

So, I didn't get to bed til 5am again.  And I didn't get to sleep til at least after 5.30, because I heard the heating come on.  So I didn't go in to Scriptwriting because, well, I woke up at 11.00 and then fell asleep again, and woke up 20 minutes after it had started...  So I'll make a concerted effort after Easter to go to the, um...  one remaning session, and both tutorials.  Just because he'll probably demand I do anyway.

Stupid fantastically-written fanfic.  Bah.  Anyway, I was pondering whilst trying to sleep, and I realised:

I have a month and a day in which to write my dissertation.  Which sounds very scary, yes?  But then I broke it down:

That's approximately 30 days.
I need to write 10,000 (max) words in that time.
That's 3,333 words every ten days, more or less.
Which is 3,33.3 words every day.  I think even I can manage that.  And if I can condense the whole thing into the 8,000 word actual limit (Dave was being lenient with me...) that's even less words per day.

Of course, on top of that I've got to actually read the two Voyager novels (which I will do, very shortly. Yes, I will.) and find more bits about Post-Modernism and photocopy the bits about writing out of the book I found and do a little more research into the legal/psychological issues around it.

And, y'know, do my other coursework.

But hey, no problem...


Edit, ten minutes later: And how's this for weird. I'm pretty sure that this morning, I had a dream that Keith (the mod on the Tortured Space board) had replied to my PM to him about filling in my questionnaire from an anti-fic stance. If I go there now and discover he actually has, I think I'll be very scared...
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It doesn't get any better.

I've now read the first nine chapters of Fire Ship, the Diane Carey novel, and also skimmed ahead to the ending (force of habit, I think), which just made me go "ooookay..." and I can think of several things I'd like to say about this particular novelisation when I come to write about it.  Unfortunately, I'm having to merely compare it to the Jeri Taylor one, so... in any case, I know that one's going to be better.  She did, after all, create the characters in the first place.

I'm so bad at academia, it's scary. :)  But since I've only got an hour before I have to go to work (grr.  I swear, if I didn't need the money...) I suppose I can at least try and start the sillyfic idea I had at 3am...
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Oh, yes...

Incidentally, as well as missing the first half of last night's Frasier (whoever decided Wednesday night was Frasier-night needs their head screwing back on), I also managed to miss the final part of Life Begins - right when it was getting good.  Bad enough I missed the first two.  And yes, the ending was cliched and would probably neeever happen (I predicted, and saw the trailer at the end of last week's episode) but dammit, I was enjoying that...

Hm. I imagine it'll be on Living or UK Gold or something.  I'll just have to keep an eye out.

Oo.  I get to go home in a week and indulge in Angel season 5 and a taped Most Haunted Live (which will doubtless refuel the Muses for the original novel/story/novella/whatever that I never got the time to start...)  Hurrah!  It might actually make writing Angel into the latest epic Buffyfic possible...  I mean, he was going to be there anyway, but I made no promises towards the characterisation.

Stop spamming, woman.  Get ready for work.