March 26th, 2004

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I may not be up before noon, but I'm damn well going to get something done today.

For starters, I have to take the Hamlet video back to Blockbusters before this evening.  And I have a library book to take back to uni on Monday, so I'm killing two birds with one stone, going into uni in a moment to copy the pages I need, and sort out my prescription (which I can collect on Tuesday when I hand my Shakespeare coursework in, see) and drop into Blockbusters on the way back.  And then go down to town to buy enough food to last until next Friday, and some blank tapes so the flat can make me mix tapes...

Prices have gone up again at work.  It wasn't so bad last time.  Everything went up 10p a pint, and spirits went up 5p a shot, and all the non-regulars complained.  But it wasn't too bad for the staff because they were easy enough to adjust to.  But now, to cover the budget, all the draught beers have gone up another 1p (yes, one pence), which makes giving change bloody annoying.  We ran out of two pence pieces last night for the first time in years...  (On the other hand, it made the domino player's round come to a nice, round, £11.80 rather than the usual £11.76, so that's something...)

Oh, and apparently we now have a music book at home that contains "Come What May" from Moulin Rouge and "Le Banquet" from Amélie, so if that's not an incentive to re-learn, I don't know what is...
Photo - leaves

I did stuff!

So, I managed to do everything I planned on doing, and did some work at the library to boot.  Well, I did the beginning of the glossary for my dissertation, but most of that'll be easier to do typing than writing out first...  I got off a stop too early for Blockbusters and had to walk rather far (but it's been ages since I even went on that bus, and most of the stops seem to have vanished anyway, as well as the majority of the pedestrian crossings.) and realised that Friargate is possibly the prettiest bit of Derby, building-wise.  It's all Victorian.

Talking of which, I need someone to come here and join me while I wander around taking pictures.  I've formed a semi-itinerary, and you get a free guided tour of Derby's best random buildings...

I bought some blank cassettes for the flat, but went temporarily numerically dyslexic and bought 60 minute ones instead of 90 minutes, so grrr to that.  Still, 60 minutes is better than nothing.

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Bought purely out of necessity because my others are falling apart.  £15 in the sale at Dolcis, down from £25.  Hurrah for sales.

Right, now I must type up my not-yet-a-glossary, finish it at some point, think about what to write for Shakespeare, and possibly eat something...