March 27th, 2004

Photo - leaves

I think my head's going to explode.

1) As already stated, we're seeing The Woman In White - the new Lloyd Webber musical, with Michael Crawford - in London.  But I don't think I mentioned exactly when.  October 15th.  The Friday before my birthday.  Then spending the actual birthday in London.
2) To that end, I just discovered this, which has the tiniest of tiny snippets of the music, and now has me all excited about seeing it.  Andrew Lloyd Webber's music, Trevor Nunn's directiong, and Michael Crawford as the charismatic villain.  Oh, dear God...  Odds I'll be the world's first Woman in White ficcer?  Trying to pair off the unlikely characters?  Oh, most definitely...  Ordinarily, I'd be worried about a new Andrew Lloyd Webber musical, since pretty much everything he's done since Sunset back in 1994 has been below-par and flopped, even though Whistle Down the Wind lasted longer than The Beautiful Game (annoyingly, since I wanted to see that...) but this, you see, is a Victorian storyline, which means he gets to pull all the stops out.  Anything historical, and he's right there.  And it's Michael Crawford, dammit. He has to write well for him...
3) If all of this wasn't enough, on May 22nd, I'm seeing Evanescence live at the NEC.  *grin*  Tiered seating (block 14, row D), but hey, it's my first concert.  Although, no, it wouldn't have been, had Cerys Matthews not gone crazy midway through the last Catatonia tour before it got to Birmingham.

Stop rolling your eyes...  I'm a musical geek and an angsty teen gawth and there's nothing you can do to stop it. :P
Photo - leaves

Almost forgot about this...

I was awake at 5.00 this morning, or rather, I was still up at 5.00 this morning, and in that stage of sleep-deprivation where staying up all night seems a very plausible idea.  In any case, you can tell it's nearly summer here; the sun was already rising.  By June, it'll be light at 3am.  Not kidding.  And it's only in Derby, too.  In Birmingham, it's not light til at least 4.15... :)

The sun's off to the left, behind the building.