March 28th, 2004

Buffy - sanity


Well, I was going to sing in the Taizé thing again.  I offered my services when Ginny emailed, she sent me the music, I made some effort to sightread it this afternoon... but now I'm just confused.

See, the Taizé service was due to start at 8.00.  She asked us to arrive at 7.00 for a practice.  Now, as you know, the clocks went forward last night.  And I know it's not just me and Vicky being delusional, because Teletext and my computer both told me so.  The cathedral clock, when I arrived at five to seven, was still informing the city it was five to six.  Derby is an hour behind the rest of the world.  And when I arrived, there was a service going on, either the 6pm service that was meant to happen, starting early, or the end of it, overrunning.  I came back five minutes later and it was still going on, hovered outside for about 10 minutes, then gave up and came home again.

I'm thoroughly confused and didn't want to wander into the middle of a church service with no apparent aim, so now I just can't be bothered.  And anyway, I have 400 words of Shakespeare left to write, and that sodding Carey novel still to finish...
Photo - leaves

Oh, yes.

Incidentally, due to aforesaid clocks changing, my sleeping pattern is now completely beyond redemption.  I didn't get to sleep til 7am and would have stayed up all night had I not been tired.  I woke up at 4pm, thus missing the entire of Eastenders (which wouldn't have been so annoying had I not actually needed to watch the entire omnibus this week...)  Hence, my plan for this evening is to stay up all night in an attempt to sleep at a reasonable time tomorrow, but at least I can make a start on my dissertation to help pass the time.  Or maybe I could try and phone Katie, six -hour time difference being what it is...

Odds I'll spend the entire night trying to get past level 4-1 of Zuma are...?